HBO used the minutes before the Game of Thrones series finale to run a few trailers for upcoming projects in order to remind people that HBO airs other shows than Game of Thrones, practically begging you to not cancel your subscription just yet.

The trailer for His Dark Materials looked interesting and all, but pardon us when we say, "HOLY CRAP THE WESTWORLD SEASON 3 TRAILER LOOKED AMAZING!" Part of the reason it looked so good is that it looked nothing like Westworld, which — how do we say this — faltered a bit in its second season, particularly in the bizarre finale. The trailer had no cowboy hats, no milky white androids-in-the-making, no, well, anything that remotely looks like the Westworld we're used to.

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Instead, new cast member Aaron Paul walks through a city of the future while his inner Nihilist dialogue laments a world that was created to be better, but instead the "inside is rotting to pieces." We feel ya, Jesse Pinkman. It appears this world lives concurrently with, or at least sometime near, the Westworld theme parks as there are robots and fancy aircraft, but there's no sign that Season 3 will be set anywhere near one of the parks. Then again, this is Westworld, and it has shown that it will do whatever it damn well pleases.

The only sign that this is Westworld comes in the final seconds of the trailer, when Paul — a criminal who seems to be going through the motions — says, "I think if I'm going to get on with my life; I need to find something, someone real," and spies an injured woman under a bridge. That woman? Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood)! What is even real, man?!?!?

Westworld Season 3 comes to HBO in 2020.