Do you want more of The Walking Dead? Well of course you do, and AMC has heard you loud and clear. The zombie drama's Season 5 finale will run longer than usual to satiate fans' appetites.

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The episode, which airs Sunday, Mar. 29, will run 90 minutes long instead of the usual 60 minutes, Entertainment Weekly reports. That means there will 50 percent more brain-splattering goodness (and also 50 percent more talking about feelings).

If you'd like to stay unspoiled about what the finale is about, turn away now!

According to the episode synopsis, the Season 5 finale will see Daryl in trouble while out and about, and the rest of the group struggling to fit in at Alexandria, the camp that new character Aaron brought them to in Sunday's "The Distance."

Are you excited to have 30 more minutes of The Walking Dead?

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