Before last week's midseason premiere, The Walking Dead star Andrew Lincoln mentioned to EW that there would be a time jump at some point this season. We can't say for certain that Sunday's episode, "The Next World," features the time jump he was talking about, but we will say that the hour starts with Carl (Chandler Riggs) already up-and-at-'em after getting shot in the eye last week. He still has a bandage that needs to be changed (surely a gross job we're glad we don't have), but he's walking and talking and doing typical Carl stuff.

Plus: All the walker corpses from last week's melee have been cleared away, but there are still some walkers lingering around Alexandria. One of them in particular will play a significant role this week.

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So, where are we? Enough time has gone by that Carl is well on his way to recovery and the fortifications around Alexandria have been rebuilt, but not so long that all the walkers who didn't get their heads stabbed have wandered away. The emotional aftermath of the Battle of Alexandria is still very present for a lot of survivors.

Time gets murky when you're trying to rebuild civilization, we guess.

Watch former Walking Dead star Tyler James Williams (RIP, Noah) talk about the time a fan bit him:

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