Sarah Shahi may be headed to The Rookie this season, but she's no rookie when it comes to a role like this one!

Shahi will play Jessica Russo, "a rock star FBI agent," according to her character description, who has moved to the private sector to pass her skills on to others. Not only is she a straight shooter with a subversive sense of humor, but Jessica is also apparently armed with expertise in a wide array of fields, including hostage negotiations, predictive analysis and profiling. She's also a published author — no biggie.

If this sounds familiar, it's probably because Shahi recently played a hostage negotiator on NBC's virtual reality series Reverie last year. Shahi also played a former-marine and assassin on Person of Interest, so she'll have plenty of badassery history to draw on for this new character.

TV Guide has your exclusive first look at Shahi's introduction on The Rookie below. She'll be called in to assist after a prison bus crashes, injuring some inmates severely while allowing others an opportunity to flee. Obviously, Officer Nolan (Nathan Fillion) tries to impress Shahi's Russo while tracking down an escaped convict. Yeah, we see that going well...

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Shahi's role has been listed as recurring, so while this might be her first appearance on the show, don't expect it to be her last! There's definitely more of former agent Russo to come.

Sarah Shahi, <em>The Rookie</em>Sarah Shahi, The Rookie Nathan Fillion and Sarah Shahi, <em>The Rookie</em>Nathan Fillion and Sarah Shahi, The Rookie Sarah Shahi, <em>The Rookie</em>Sarah Shahi, The Rookie

Don't miss Shahi's debut on The Rookie, which airs Tuesday, March 5 at 10/9c on ABC.