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The Originals Premiere Will Be a Must-See for Klaroline Fans

Caroline and Klaus will reunite!

Sadie Gennis

Klaroline fans won't want to miss out on The Originals Season 5 premiere. Candice King will reprise her role of Caroline Forbes in the episode, TVLine reports.

No details about what will bring Caroline back into Klaus' (Joseph Morgan) life -- or whether she'll be appear again in the season -- have been revealed at this time. It's entirely possible that Caroline will travel to New Orleans to visit Klaus, or -- more likely -- the appearance will take place at the school Caroline runs that Klaus' daughter Hope enrolled in Season 4.

When The Vampire Diaries ended, Caroline was rebuilding her life after the death of her husband Stefan (Paul Wesley). As shown in a time jump, she had finally found her true life's purpose running Salvatore Boarding School for the Gifted alongside her ex Alaric (Matt Davis). A hefty check and a romantic letter from Klaus indicated that he still had strong feelings for Caroline, so many fans are hoping The Originals' new season will pave the way for the fan-favorite 'ship to finally try to make a real relationship work.

The Originals' fifth season will also kick off after a major time jump, with a new actress playing a teenage Hope. Based on the casting of a 17-year-old actress, Danielle Rose Russell, as Klaus' daughter, who was 7 in Season 4, it's fair to assume the CW drama will jump forward approximately ten years.

Is The Originals going to revive Klaroline?

The Originals will return to the CW in 2018.

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