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We Need to Talk About That OA: Part II Ending

Yes, they did just go there

Amanda Bell

Warning: This post contains spoilers for The OA: Part II.

If you haven't finished The OA: Part II, click away. Now.

You do not want to be deprived of the joy of experiencing what happens in the season's final few minutes for yourself. Trust.

If you are still here, and you have seen that beautifully batsh-- final scene already, let's flaily arm about what we've just witnessed together, shall we?

The second season of The OA has been hailed for its ambition and complete commitment to its own signature weirdness. Finally traveling between dimensions means we get to experience several new layers of the show's increasingly confusing puzzle. From the creepy old house that serves as portal to other dimensions to a giant mind-reading octopus to those little plant-soul things that Hap springs from his victims' ears, there are a lot of strange new features in this dimension that prove the show knows it's weird and loves that about itself.

As with the first season, you have to just let it all wash over you and hope the story can stick the landing -- and unlike the first season, which ended with that divisive cafeteria shooting scene, Part II's grand conclusion is bound to draw happy gasps.

​The OA: Part II

The OA: Part II


The final episode brings everyone together to the house. BBA and the kids (well, minus Jesse) are able to feel and follow along with OA's movements through the other plane; Karim is also ready to surrender his skepticism and see what truths the house has to offer; and OA, who has finally allowed Nina into her consciousness, successfully reminds Homer of his own past.

That last bit requires her to deal with Hap again, of course, and OA learns what's been hiding in his secret lab: the bodies of Scott and all her pals from the other side, with their soul saplings growing to create a map of the multiverse. It's an upsetting sight, but, as usual, Hap doesn't feel bad about killing these people for his experimentation. The Bad Doctor has also been able to replicate the robots that his French paramour introduced him to earlier in the season, so he can jump at will now. BBA & Co. can sense that OA is in danger on the other side, so they do the moves in sequence with these dancing robots.

Hap wants to transport OA to a realm Scott saw where the two are in love, because he can't stand her hating him so much here, but Homer, newly reminded of Hap's house of horrors, interferes. As he declares himself to OA, Hap shoots him, but OA promises she and Homer will both just jump into another dimension and find each other again. They've reconnected in this realm against all odds, after all. With both her friends on the other side dancing with these robots, OA rises into the air like the glowing angel she's always claimed to be.

Karim witnesses this from the window of the fabled house and is in complete awe of the sight of her floating above the San Francisco skyline. But then -- and this is where things go completely off the rails in the best way -- a bird flies through his window and into OA's world and breaks the spell. OA falls violently onto the floor of what is now a Hollywood set of the show itself. Production assistants swarm her, and Hap discovers that she is known here as Brit Marling herself, while he is Jason Isaacs.

Brit is transported to an area hospital, as Buck struts through the set confused and hears the call from Karim in the window. He jumps through the fake window into the real dimension of the house and reconnects with Michelle's family. Hap and OA (and maybe Homer?) have, meanwhile, traveled to our realm. Hap's consciousness now occupies the body of the actor portraying him, and the kicker is that Steve has also tagged along with the full knowledge of who Hap really is.

"Hello Hap," he says with eyes full of warning.

And that's where we're left. Dimension No. 3 is in the here and now. They did that. There's no way anyone saw that coming, even if you happened to catch that secret meta ending to Black Mirror: Bandersnatch where Stefan stumbles on the show's set.

If there was any doubt that The OA could possibly find new territory to tread after mining so much mania in the first two seasons, well, that's been settled. The OA: Part II might've been slow in spots and completely confusing in others, but by delivering a very cool final moment that completely flips the script, it has successfully stated a case for Part III.

Will OA/Brit finally reconnect with Homer in our world? Will Steve give Hap what's been coming to him? Will Buck find peace and a sense of belonging in Michelle's realm? It can't end here.

The OA: Part II is now available for streaming on Netflix. Thank OA.

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​The OA: Part II

The OA: Part II