The cast of The Magicians hit New York Comic Con on Friday to announce some big news and reveal an even bigger sneak peek (you can watch it above). Season 4 officially has a premiere date — Wednesday, Jan. 23 at 9/8c — and it's bringing back a dearly departed (OK, dearly is going a bit far) character: Ember (Dominic Burgess)!

Ember's "emanation" visits Margo (Summer Bishil) in a dream (Side note: why is he playing with kittens?) to warn her that grave danger has come to Fillory, and it's her duty as High King to stop it. What kind of danger that is, we can't be sure since the original Ember programmed this message to go out in the event of world war, a pandemic, the arrival of hostile or uninvited Gods to Fillory, the revolt of dwarves or a mass rising of the dead. Our bet is on the hostile God option, considering Season 3 ended with the release of an insatiable monster whose sole need is to be coddled, loved and entertained. Oh yeah, and it may or may not be possessing Elliot (Hale Appleman). No big deal.

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The only problem here is that all of the kids had their memories supplanted with new ones, convincing them they're just plain muggles out and about in the real world. How are they supposed to save the day when they think they're fashion editors and Uber drivers?

The Magicians' first two seasons are currently streaming on Netflix. Season 4 premieres Wednesday, Jan. 23 at 9/8c on Syfy.