If you haven't been living under a rock or the past week or so, then you've probably been obsessing over Julie and the Phantoms, Netflix's new YA show about a young girl who rediscovers her love of music when she forms a band with a trio of super cute ghosts. The nine-episode series dropped last Thursday and is filled with hope, feel-goodness, and wall-to-wall bangers in every episode. What's not to love, and why hasn't Netflix immediately renewed it for Season 2? 

Even though we're still waiting for Netflix to give official word on Julie and the Phantoms Season 2, TV Guide caught up with the cast and asked what they hoped to see in a second season if the decision should go their way. 

"I want more powers. I want to be able to float like Caleb," said Phantoms frontman Charlie Gillespie. And he's not the only one who wants to get closer to his show nemesis. "I would love to get some more background on the relationship between Julie and Carrie as to what went on between the two of them that caused so much hate," series star Madison Reyes revealed. 

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Of course, there's some love to be found as well. One of the most pleasant surprises of Season 1 was the chemistry between Alex (Owen Patrick Joyner) and his ghost mentor Willie (Booboo Stewart). It was clear the two had some feelings for each other, but they didn't get to spend a lot of time exploring them due to ghost curses, unfinished business, and you know, host stuff. 

"I really, really, would like to explore that [relationship]," Stewart told us. "The deeper that would get, the harder [Willie's relationship with Caleb] gets. I love the obstacles there if we get to explore them." The actor also cleared up any ambiguity around the nature of Alex and Willie's relationship as well. "They're dating, of course, 100 percent, definitely," he confirmed. "I would love to explore that more. I think it's a really beautiful relationship that they have and it feels natural, it feels right." 

We would like to see an Alex and Willie full-on romance post-haste, Netflix! 

Julie and the Phantoms is now streaming on Netflix. 

Owen Patrick Joyner and Booboo Stewart, <em>Julie and the Phantoms</em>Owen Patrick Joyner and Booboo Stewart, Julie and the Phantoms