The Good Fight will premiere on CBS on Sunday before moving to CBS All Access, and being on a streaming service definitely has its perks we can get behind. There will be profanity — watch Diane's (Christine Baranski) F-bomb if you haven't already — and nudity.

Tasteful nudity, of course. This is a Good Wife spin-off after all. The trailer includes a brief glimpse of a man's bare butt as he slinks toward Lucca (Cush Jumbo). Because Justin Bartha's new character Colin will be her love interest, many assumed said bum was his. But you know what happens when you assume.

"Everybody was asking me if it was his butt in the trailers and I was like, 'No,'" Jumbo told at the show's premiere. "I felt so bad because it's another guy's butt ... and I thought this guy should be able to take credit for his butt. And Justin shouldn't take credit for the wrong butt."

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Fear not, though, you will see Bartha's butt in all his glory later on in the season. "We shot the scene. You see my ass. They're going to have to do touch-ups in post," he jokes.

So now that Jumbo has seen Bartha's tush (more like Justin Buttha, amirite?), we had to get to the bottom of the real question: Which butt was best?

The Good Fight premieres Sunday at 8/7c on CBS before moving exclusively to CBS All Access. The show's second episode will then debut the same night on the streaming service.

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