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No One Loves Pancakes More Than The Good Doctor's Shaun Murphy

Nothing gets between Shaun and his pancakes

Joyce Eng

If IHOP needs a new spokesperson, it should definitely call Dr. Shaun Murphy. The Good Doctor doc has a deep, abiding love for pancakes -- chocolate chip ones, to be exact. We haven't seen anyone this into a batter-based breakfast dish since Leslie Knope and waffles.

Shaun's (Freddie Highmore) pancake parties usually have two constants: an order of three pancakes and his mentor Dr. Aaron Glassman (Richard Schiff), who prefers blueberry. The scenes are often the coziest part of episodes, as the two have heart-to-hearts and some tough convos during breakfast (no, Shaun does not want an aide). It was Dr. Glassman, after all, who fed his appetite for pancakes: He took a teen Shaun out for silver dollar pancakes after Shaun refused to return to his abusive home following his brother's accidental death.

As for how these pancake dates came to The Good Doctor, executive producer David Shore isn't quite sure himself. "I honestly don't remember if it's in [the original Korean drama upon which the show is based]," he tells TV Guide with a laugh. "I'm pretty sure that's ours though ... our thing for the two of them. That'd be a nice thing for people to do: enjoy their pancakes for dinner while watching The Good Doctor."
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If you don't, you'll for sure be salivating over all the pancake porn. Trust us. Look at this delicious love affair between Shaun and pancakes.

It wasn't exactly love at first sight between them.


But two of Shaun's greatest loves -- medicine and pancakes -- are inextricably linked.


Behold, the beginning of two beautiful friendships.


Chocolate chip or bust.


Pour some syrup on them (not so much for Glassman though).


Look at that bite.


The plate is literally clean after that one bite.


And while Shaun's father figure might disagree on the right way to eat a pancake, this where Shaun becomes his own man.


And you can't deny, when it comes to pancakes, Shaun knows himself through and through.


May we all find someone who loves us as much as Shaun loves pancakes.
The Good Doctor airs Mondays at 10/9c on ABC.