When Barry (Grant Gustin) returned from his extended trip into the Speed Force in the season premiere of The Flash, to say he was a little discombobulated is an understatement. He was talking nonsense, could barely recognize his friends and family and he was scribbling strange symbols on any surface he could find.

Sure, saving Iris (Candice Patton) kicked his noggin back into full gear, but it's obvious we're going to have to get an explanation for his weird behavior at some point.

Some of the gibberish he was spouting was familiar. Lines like, "I'm just not sure I'm like you, Oliver," or "You said the city was safe, that there was no residual danger, but that's not true," are easily recognizable as lines from The Flash pilot. Don't think we missed "every minute, every hour" as part of Barry's proposal to Iris either. Others? Not so easy to figure out.

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The one big clue we have is the final message Cisco (Carlos Valdes) managed to decode from Barry's scribbling: "This house is bitchin.'"

While the actual meaning of this phrase is still up for grabs, you may have noticed that many characters have since used that phrase, seemingly without being aware that they're doing so; usually in reference to Joe's (Jesse L. Martin) crumbling if quaint family home.

Let's assume that Barry's gibberish is actually quotes from his life (both future and past). And since all of the past quotes were spoken by Barry, it's safe to assume all of the future ones will too. With that logic, we can start to decipher the rest of the season based on the gibberish we don't recognize as past quotes. So let's examine what he said and try and figure some things out, OK?

Grant Gustin, <em>The Flash</em>Grant Gustin, The Flash

"We're going to need more diapers."

This is most likely going to come into play whenever Joe and Cecile's (Danielle Nicolet) baby is born. While it doesn't tell us much about how and why it's included or significant, it does hint that this baby might be born before the end of Season 4, if they want to wrap up all of these dangling clues before the season ends.

"Your Honor, I'm innocent. I didn't do this. I didn't kill anyone."

Uh-oh, it sure sounds like Barry might be headed to prison in this future quote. It's obviously a leap to assume that Barry might actually kill someone, but it's easy to assume that The Flash could be wrongfully arrested for murder at some point. The life of a vigilante always toes the line between wrong and right, after all. Heck, Oliver's been wanted for murder for years, technically speaking.

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"Can you hear the stars singing? Rhyming, chiming, timing."

Barry did a lot of rhyme-association in the premiere, and it may be important to note that those lines always got him very upset. Other gibberish about stars includes "stars melting like ice cream, dream, gleam," and "the stars are raining, draining, paining," and "Stars so loud. Loud, cloud, proud." Obviously these clues about stars are going to play an important part this year somehow, and our best guess is that they're hinting at the "Crisis on Earth X" crossover episode.

"Nora shouldn't be here."

This one is actually the first thing Barry says after coming out of the Speed Force, and it's also the most mysterious. If we're to assume the worst, this line could hint that Barry does some time-meddling again, resulting in Nora being alive in the present and/or future. Barring that, it might suggest some kind of dream sequence or alternate reality where she's alive when she shouldn't be.

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