The third season of Netflix's The Crown dropped this Sunday, and as with all "based on true story" tales, people were quick to pick it apart checking historical inaccuracies. This fictionalized version of the English monarchy has always taken some liberties to liven things up, but Season 3, in particular, sent fans flocking to Twitter to fact-check the royal shenanigans on screen.

Season 3 opened with an older Queen Elizabeth played (Olivia Colman) taking on the new age, which includes space travel, fading monarchist popularity, and public scandal. Overall, Twitter's response to Season 3 has been mostly positive, with people dropping all their Sunday plans to binge it as quickly as humanly possible.

The Crown Season 3 Review: The Monarchy Hits Its Midlife Crisis

Despite how impressive most people think the season was, that didn't stop them from wondering how closely The Crown stuck to the historical events on screen. As each episode incorporated a new piece of English history, like clockwork, viewers hit pause to search Google for a quick history lesson. Luckily, because fascination with royalty isn't exactly a new thing, there are plenty of public records available for hungry fans who wanted to do a little digging into the true events being depicted in The Crown.

Season 3 of The Crown is currently streaming on Netflix.