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The Bachelorette: Hearts Get Broken in the Fantasy Suites

Two out of three ain't bad

Liam Mathews

The Bachelorettestarted this week with Becca saying "I am in love with two men, and falling in love with a third," so it was clear from the start that this was the episode where Jason went home. It's been obvious since like the third week that the final two were going to be Blake and Garrett.

That was only cemented after her fantasy date with Blake went so well. Blake says all the right things, and he seems sincere. Really solid dude. During the day portion of their date, however, Becca said the single worst thing she's said on the show. They were visiting a Buddhist temple in Thailand and a monk gave them a tour, and Becca said, "There's something so old and cultural about interacting with a monk."

Next up was poor dead man walking Jason. She jumped into Blake's arms and wrapped her legs around him when she saw him. She didn't do that for Jason. During their date, she started to freak out so much that a producer went on camera to talk to her. Producers only appear when things get really real, and this was some of the most producer interaction we've ever seen. We heard her voice and saw the back of her head as Becca talked to her about how she couldn't imagine her future home with Jason!

Jason seems like a good dude, too. Not Bachelormaterial, but in a good way. He almost seems to normal to have ever gone on The Bachelorette. It was very sad to listen to him tell her about how he told his family he was in love with her and meaning it 100 percent knowing she was about to dump him.

She told him that at one time she could see "everything" with him, but at some point she lost it. And she couldn't put them through an overnight being uncertain, but she wasn't uncertain. "I see it more with the other guys," she said, which is a pretty brutal truth. Jason wasn't ready to let go, and asked her to keep him even if she saw even a sliver of potential. But no, it's over. He told her that he wanted her to be happy. It was the saddest breakup of the season so far, but he handled it gracefully.

Becca totally broke down after she cut him, because she didn't know why she didn't feel differently about such an objectively good guy. "I've dated terrible people in the past, and he's such a good guy," she sobbed. She said she just did to him what Arie did to her, which isn't exactly accurate. She's being hard on herself. What Arie did is still much, much worse.

There was still an hour left of the episode at this point - an hour of Garrett. Becca did jump into Garrett's arms when she saw him. They went on an amazing date where they paddle rafts down a river while baby elephants frolicked around, but they were very hung up on how many Thai people there were around. They were not appreciative enough.

She took him to the fantasy suite, which she's been wanting to do since Garrett got out of his minivan.

But then the next morning Jason decided he couldn't let it go, and went strutting to Becca's hotel room in a collarless butt0n-front t-shirt and some chelsea boots. It was like the strut was to overcompensate for what a bad idea this was. I take back what I said before about Jason being normal.

He told her how much he cared about her and how he couldn't process how abrupt the breakup was. But this is the morning after she went to the fantasy suite with Garrett, so she was even less inclined to let Jason come back. He gave her a scrapbook he was going to give her on their date but didn't have the nerve. Very much a "Honey, no" move.

Every guy has their fans, and people say "___ for Bachelor" every week, but people were coming out in force for Jason after his showing this week.

Then there was a rose ceremony, and she gave each of her remaining guys a rose. So that means next week is Men Tell All, and then the finale is the week after that. And then this season will finally be over and it will be time for Bachelor in Paradise. Praise be.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.