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The Bachelor: Kendall Took Arie on a Very Creepy Taxidermy Date

Also Kendall has a twin sister named Kylie. Seriously.

Liam Mathews

The Bachelor kept Kendall around long enough to get a hometown date. Kendall's connection with Arie Luyendyk Jr. is surprisingly strong, but that's not the real reason she's made it this far. She was here so we could see her full taxidermy collection.

Kendall's defining characteristic on this show is that she's quirky -- or "corky," as Arie said repeatedly, because apparently he can't say "quirky." And her quirkiest quirk is that she loves taxidermy. A lot. Not only does she have a warehouse full of stuffed and mounted animals, she also does taxidermy herself. So Kendall and Arie spent the day portion of their date inside Kendall's creepy windowless shipping container filled with what must be tens of thousands of dollars worth of dead animals. They mounted costumed dead rats in an Eiffel Tower diorama. Seriously, are all of these animals Kendall's? What kind of life is she living that she can afford to rent a warehouse in L.A. and stuff it full of creature corpses?

Bachelor fans on Twitter were weirded out by the whole thing.

People busted out the taxidermy memes.

Oh yeah, did I mention that the rats got married at the Eiffel Tower? Yeah, the rat groom kissed his bride. It was very weird!

Kendall reminded people of someone.

Arie even said "this is some Silence of the Lambs stuff."

But he was thinking about their future, too. "She can have her little room where she does taxidermy, and I'll have my garage where I work on cars," he said, imagining their married life. That is, if she doesn't kill him and stuff him and keep him in the garage sitting in the front seat of his race car forever, a diorama of Arie in his natural habitat.

The other crazy thing about Kendall's date was the revelation that she has a twin sister named Kylie. Kendall and Kylie. Like the Jenners. Unreal. And they're older than the Jenners, so they were Kendall and Kylie long before Kendall and Kylie were Kendall and Kylie. Keeping Up with the Kardashians threw a wrench in their lives.

The Long twins were on Fear Factor together once. Kendall drank donkey semen while Kylie drank donkey pee. The episode was banned in the U.S. for being too gross. Drinking filtered pee a few weeks ago was nothing to Kendall.

Kendall's date was the first of the night, followed by Tia, Becca and Lauren B. Those dates didn't have any taxidermy and therefore were all dull by comparison. The only interesting thing about Lauren's date was trying to figure out what Arie sees in Lauren, who is blonde oatmeal.

At the rose ceremony, Arie cracked under the pressure and took a few minutes to compose himself. When he came back, he pulled Kendall aside for a private conversation. He asked her if she was ready to get engaged. She couldn't say she was ready, but she reiterated that she was falling for him. She cried and said she wasn't ready to go. They went back inside and continued the rose ceremony. And then, shockingly, he gave her a rose over Tia, who really seemed like she was going to the final three. I did not see that coming. I guess Arie really could see a future in the Bates Motel.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.