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The 100's Shannon Kook Says Saving Clarke Won't Be Jordan's Only Mission

But can Delilah even be saved?

Lindsay MacDonald

Now that Bellamy (Bob Morley) has figured out that The 100's newest baddies haven't erased Clarke's (Eliza Taylor) mind after all, it seems like the mission to save Clarke and topple this body-snatching regime might finally be on.

If so, no one will be happier about that news than Jordan Green (Shannon Kook), who has become something of a moral compass for the group in the short time he's known them. In the way, he's sort of taken over his mother's and father's roles in the team as the better angles, constantly urging people to turn away from their darker tendencies and to be the good guys.

"I think he sees everyone for who they are," Kook recently told TV Guide, "and Jordan has come into the story to remind everybody of the humanity and the heart that is inside of all of them still. He sees that and he's trying to cultivate and nurture them towards those people. He knows all about them, and he's seen their journey from an outside perspective, so while he's seen some behavior and been disappointed in several of them, he still knows who they are inside."

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It feels like Jordan's role as the moral compass might end up being challenged in the days to come though, since we're clearly heading for a tipping point when it comes to how the group will handle the Primes and get Clarke back. When the gang first found out about the Prime's methods for immortality, Jordan was beyond upset by it, and part of that was because he'd just found his first love in Delilah, who was ultimately sacrificed to the Primes. The boy has a good head on his shoulders and perhaps, more importantly, a good heart, but saving Clarke won't be his only goal moving forward.

"I think Jordan will want to save Clarke as well as save Delilah," he said. "Jordan has not been hurt before, this is his first time being crushed -- not only falling in love but having her taken and killed. He also lost his parents in the past few days, so how Jordan adjusts to that very suddenly is going to be really interesting to watch."

Unfortunately for Jordan, he might be in store for even more heartbreak; we've seen no evidence that Delilah survived the mind wipe in the same way that Clarke did. It would be a very happy turn of events if none of the bodies Russell (J.R. Bourne) and his fellow Primes had snatched had been truly wiped, meaning they could all be restored to their former selves... but The 100 doesn't typically tend to be that generous with its happy endings.

If and when Jordan finds that out, we hope Bellamy's around for a good old hug. Something tells us Jordan will need one.

The 100 airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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Shannon Kook, The 100

Shannon Kook, The 100

Diyah Pera, Diyah Pera/The CW