The characters on The 100 are constantly put in impossible situations in which they are forced to make appalling choices. This is something viewers know and love about the CW drama. However, for many fans, Bellamy's (Bob Morley) recent decision to align himself with the bigoted zealot Pike (Michael Beach) crossed a line.

There are accusations that Bellamy - who knows firsthand the guilt that comes with committing genocide - would not support and participate in Pike's mass murder of Grounders, particularly Grounders who were sent to Arkadia as allies and protection. And while Bellamy has expressed his doubts regarding Pike's methods and went out of his way to spare Indra's (Adina Porter) life, he ultimately has continued to follow Pike's orders, even going so far as to betray Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Lincoln (Ricky Whittle).

But The 100 creator Jason Rothenberg stands by Bellamy's story line, explaining that it's all a matter of perspective. "I find that most people who believe that Bellamy is acting out of character aren't really seeing the big picture of the show," Rothenberg tells

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Rothernberg is quick to point out that while we, as an audience, have spent intimate time with Grounders, Bellamy has not shared these experiences. When Clarke was getting to know Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey) last season, Bellamy was inside Mount Weather, a place where Lexa ultimately abandoned him and the rest of the Sky People to die. And while Octavia (Marie Averopoulous) might idolize Indra, Bellamy hasn't forgotten that his sister's mentor also abandoned her in the mine.

"Bellamy's relationship with the Grounders has never been rosy and he doesn't believe, as the story stands right now, that they're going to keep their word because they never have before," Rothenberg explains. "[The Grounder peace army] was made up of literally the same people that were killing them in Season 1. So for Bellamy, you add on to that ... the explosion of Mount Weather in Episode 3, the loss of all of those people who he was there to protect ... and of course, there was a little bit extra heartache for him because [Gina] was killed as well.

"All of that to me adds up to a guy making a choice that makes complete sense," the showrunner continues. "And so I like the debate and I get people's reactions. I think we've done an amazing job with Bellamy as a character over the first two seasons of getting people to the point to believe where he is a good guy. But ultimately, there are no good guys. And he's making the choices that he's making. I think he's going to live to regret those choices. But we'll have to see how it plays out."

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