It's the moment The 100 fans have been waiting for: Bellamy (Bob Morley) and Clarke (Eliza Taylor) will finally reunite this week.

Sure, Bellamy and Clarke came face-to-face at the end of "Sleeping Giants" but they couldn't exactly catch up about their six years apart. After Madi (Lola Flanery) clued everyone in on the fact that Clarke is alive last week, she brought Bellamy and the rest of Spacekru — minus Raven (Lindsey Morgan) and Murphy (Richard Harmon) — to Eligius headquarters where Diyoza (Ivana Milicevic) was holding Clarke captive. Bellamy offered to strike a deal with Diyoza in which he'll trade the lives of all the prisoners still up in space for Clarke, prompting fans to simultaneously swoon across the country.

Thanks to Bellamy's negotiation skills, the way has now been paved for the Bellarke reunion — and reunion hug! — that we've been anticipating since the duo separated in the Season 4 finale.

So what can we expect of the momentous moment? And how might Clarke and Bellamy's relationship be different after everything they've been through? Check out our interview with Bob Morley to learn all this and more!

How is Bellamy now processing the fact that Clarke is alive?
Bob Morley:
I think he's thrilled and overjoyed... But also in the moment he finds out that Clarke's alive, he also finds out there's a little girl called Madi who survives as well and that his sister's in the bunker and no one's heard from them in six years. So there's a lot to take on in the end of Episode 3 for Bellamy, but he managed to pull himself together and try to negotiate in order to save Clarke's life. But yeah, I think he's probably really thrilled that she's alive. But also there's this terrifying fact that there are these other people on the ground that are threatening in their evil force. So right now he's using his head and being pragmatic and trying to figure out what's the next best move in a peaceful manner.

Fans have been waiting so long for Clarke and Bellamy to reunite. What should they expect from their reunion in this next episode?
Morley: Obviously there's a little bit of negotiation that's got to take place after the end of Episode 3 before anything can really happen in a kind of non-threatening environment. But I think [fans will] be really happy to see the team reassemble in a way, this adventure squad that will come back and start working together again. I think it's probably best for Bellamy's character to be able to work off somebody like [Clarke] and figure out how he's going to approach all of the other questions that have come up — his sister in the bunker and the 283 sleeping giants, as they're dubbed, up in space and the Eligius crew. They're back to work, I imagine, once they've negotiated some sort of deal with Diyoza and the Eligius team.

Are Bellamy and Clarke able to seamlessly slip back into old patterns or is there a readjustment period after all these years apart?
Morley: I imagine Clarke has definitely changed. She's a surrogate mother now and she's got her family unit and Bellamy's got his Spacekru unit, so it's not necessarily like them and the Hundred versus the world. They both have their own allegiances to different groups now. I think that the partnership and the teamwork will hopefully work the way that it had used to, if not better than it had used to, and they can work as a team. But even though, in a sense, they're still working toward peace and unity, they're doing it for their motives where Bellamy has his family crew, which is the space unit, and Clarke has Madi. And then you throw Octavia in the mix. So in a way they're fighting for the same thing, but for different reasons now.

Madi is Clarke's priority now. How will Bellamy react to Clarke choosing Madi's wellbeing over the wellbeing of everyone else?
Morley: Bellamy had Octavia — and I think Madi is quite a bit younger than Octavia was at the start of the first season — but Bellamy has had that paternal feeling and wanting to protect family. In a sense, I think Bellamy can understand [Clarke] from that perspective. But the situation's obviously different and Bellamy's got his new family unit that he cares deeply for, and also his sister. In the terms of the show, becoming a parental being changes your attitude. So yeah, Clarke may handle things quite differently than the way Bellamy was used to her handling it.

The 100: Get Ready for a Major Bellarke Hug

What will Bellamy and Madi's relationship look like?
Morley: I think it's going to be a really interesting dynamic because Bellamy has always had this affinity — even though it's never worked out well — toward kids. There was Charlotte, there was this other young girl he saved from the Ice Nation when getting the water, even in Mount Weather with Lovejoy's son — Bellamy's always felt this need to protect kids. Whether that method of fathering or being a parent actually works for Madi, we'll have to wait to see. But she's definitely a force on her own and she's proven that at the end of Episode 3 when she shoots that guy and saves their lives. It's kind of a role reversal in a way where Madi's a protector of him as well, so the dynamic between Madi and Bellamy is quite an interesting one this season. It's worth keeping an eye on, for sure.

Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) is still trapped in the bunker. How does Bellamy plan on getting her out?
Morley: Bellamy now is a man of negotiation. The Eligius crew obviously has this technology and hopefully Bellamy can make a deal even though he's trying to use what he can right now, this mug, the captain's "world's best dad mug," to negotiate Clarke's release. Maybe he can use that leverage once again, but we'll have to wait and see whether that works out. But I don't think he expects what he gets, really, when he finds out what's happening in the bunker.

How is Bellamy going to react when he finds out about Octavia's fighting pit and the way she's been ruling the bunker?
Morley: [Laughs] It's not really what he expected from his sister. I think he thought she'd be a better leader than that. Then again, Bellamy's lived in relative peace for the last six years, so this idea of killing ... isn't something he wants at all. He comes in as a pacifier now and I think he thinks that negotiation is the way forward. Obviously the way that Octavia rules isn't going to sit well with him.

Octavia wants Echo (Tasya Teles) dead, so how will she react when she finds out about Bellamy and Echo's relationship?
Morley: I guess in a way that Bellamy can be empathetic toward the way that Octavia has led, then he might expect her to feel the same way or have that same empathy that Bellamy has with his life. But for Octavia, Echo is still that person that stabbed her on the cliff, whereas Bellamy had those six years to come to grips with who Echo really is. I think the journey of Echo, as well, from being an assassin, basically a weapon for Ice Nation, to actually finding out who she is is a journey Bellamy has seen her go through and that Octavia will not just yet. But hopefully through Echo's actions, then Octavia will understand a little bit more of her as a person than her as an assassin.

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