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Ted Lasso Season 4: Will There Be a New Season or a Spin-off?

You have to BELIEVE that there will be something new

Dalene Rovenstine

For three seasons,Ted Lasso followed the highs and lows (and sometimes low lows) of AFC Richmond, a fictional Premier League soccer team. When the Apple TV+ comedy series premiered in August 2020, viewers were instantly captivated by the titular Ted Lasso (played by Jason Sudeikis) and his big heart and Midwestern charm. He was buoyed by the incredible cast of characters surrounding him and the actors playing those characters — which led to the show receiving numerous awards, including two Emmy Awards for Outstanding Comedy Series.

But when Season 3 played out over the spring of 2023, fans became more and more unhappy with the show's final storylines. That, coupled with the fact that there were only three seasons of the show, left many feeling the series ended too soon. When the final episode aired on May 31, 2023, fans were left wondering: Could there be a Season 4 of Ted Lasso? Could there be a Ted Lasso spin-off? Here is what we know so far.

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Brendan Hunt, Brett Goldstein, Nick Mohammed, and Jason Sudeikis, Ted Lasso

Brendan Hunt, Brett Goldstein, Nick Mohammed, and Jason Sudeikis, Ted Lasso

Apple TV+

Was Season 3 the last season of Ted Lasso?

Before Ted Lasso Season 3 premiered on Mar. 15, 2023, it wasn't explicitly clear if it would be the series' last. 

"This is the end of this story that we wanted to tell, that we were hoping to tell, that we loved to tell," Sudeikis — who also created the show — told Deadline a week before the premiere. But this wasn't new information: He had told Entertainment Weekly back in June 2021 that the series was envisioned with a three-season arc in mind.

In March 2023, executive producer Brendan Hunt (who also stars as Coach Beard) told Deadline: "It's not necessarily the end of the series. It's just likely the end of this story because we always saw it as a three-part thing." Hunt went on to say, "There will be some type of closure to this beat but closure is not necessarily the end."

The day before the finale was set to drop on Apple TV+, Hannah Waddingham, who plays Rebecca Welton, appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show. Clarkson said, "I've heard it might be the end-end. Is it the end-end?" Waddingham responded, "Well, I don't know. I mean, Jason says it's the end of that three-season arc." 

And even though the third season has now fully aired, there still isn't a definitive answer if that was a third season finale or a series finale.

In the final episode, Ted decided to return back to the U.S. to be near his son in Kansas. After saying goodbye to his team, he handed over head coaching duties to Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein). His final act was to encourage Trent Crimm (James Lance), who was about to publish a book about AFC Richmond, to change the name from The Lasso Way to The Richmond Way. "It's not about me," Ted told him. "It never was."

So if there were to be a Season 4 of Ted Lasso, it might be a little strange to have Ted Lasso out of the picture. And while it's possible that Ted could return to the U.K. for a fourth season, it seems more likely that there will be a spin-off of the show. 

Will there be a Ted Lasso spin-off?

At this point, it's all speculation, but it does seem like the characters of AFC Richmond will carry on in some way. With Ted back in Kansas, Roy, Coach Beard, and Nate Shelley (Nick Mohammed) are primed to take on a series of their own. In fact, that seems to be what the streamer wants fans to think. A week after the finale aired, Apple TV tweeted a photo of the trio with the caption, "Smells like potential."

But don't get too excited, yet: Mohammed told Us Weekly that he, too, was caught off guard when he saw that tweet. "I wouldn't be surprised if there's a break and things continue in some degree, whether it's a film [or] whether it's a new show with a different title with certain characters," he said on Jun. 14, 2023.

In addition to the spin-off concept with Roy, Beard, and Nate, there's also the possibility of a spin-off focused around a women's soccer team, which Keeley Jones (Juno Temple) pitched to Rebecca as a business opportunity in the finale. 

One thing seems certain: The rumors around a Ted Lasso Season 4 or a Ted Lasso spin-off will continue to circle until Apple TV officially confirms or denies what will happen with AFC Richmond.

Where to watch Ted Lasso

All three seasons of Ted Lasso are now streaming on Apple TV+.