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Syfy's Being Human remake will not water down the story lines that originated in the British series just because it's on American cable TV, the executive producers say.

When adapting the show for Syfy, executive producer Jeremy Carver wanted to stay true to the darkness in the original. "It was creating a world and situations where we didn't shy from the morally ambiguous choices that our characters have to come across day to day."

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"What we loved about the original series is that it is dark and it does push
the envelope," adds executive producer Anna Fricke. "We hope to do the same thing."

Being Human follows three supernatural roommates — Aiden (Sam Witwer), Josh (Sam Huntington) and Sally (Meaghan Rath) — who try to live normal lives despite being a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost, respectively. 

The series will have a nice balance of drama and comedy, the cast says. "There is a brutal murder just to start the whole show off, and then immediately, maybe a few minutes later of screen time, we're funny," Witwer says.

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Fans of the British series, which will debut its third season Jan. 23 on BBC, and later on BBC America, will notice similarities in the first seasons of both shows. However, the remake will have the ability to create more original story lines because of the longer season.

"I would say that we follow a similar trajectory, but because their first season only has six episodes and ours has 13, we have the freedom to break off and do more original story lines," Fricke says. "Also, we play out a lot of the stories and a lot of the characters in a different way."

Being Human premieres Monday at 9/8c.