Jonny Fairplay by John Sciulli/ Jonny Fairplay by John Sciulli/

CBS has unveiled the "favorites" for Survivor: Micronesia - Fans vs. Favorites, and there are some doozies. Two from the most recent season - China's James (aka the gravedigger who had two immunity idols and still managed to get blindsided) and hiking guide Amanda (who came in a distant third) - have signed on, as have Vanuatu's female-power queen Ami and the self-proclaimed "most-hated man in reality television" (and really, who are we to argue?), Pearl Islands' Jonny Fairplay. Among the most exciting repeat players are Cook Islands' "Ozzy," who impressed everyone with his even temper and his incredible swimming and tree-climbing abilities, and Fiji's Yau-Man, the likable underdog who might have won it all had Dreamz not broken his word to give Yau immunity in exchange for a Ford truck.

Those of us watching from the comfort of our own couches (instead of from a leaky, lumpy shelter) surely will be psyched to see how Survivor's "10 ultra-fans" (per CBS' press release) fare against the faves when Micronesia debuts Thursday, Feb. 7, at 8 pm. - Nina Hämmerling Smith