Five Remain on Survivor: China They're tired, irritable and, quite frankly, really look like they need to eat a burger - or 10. With only five contestants left, time to start placing your votes as to who is actually going to be crowned Survivor: China. This week, everyone will be duking it out for a overnight trip to the Great Wall and some Mongolian BBQ. Then contestant numero 12 says bye-bye at tribal council. Who will it be?

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Sexy Pole Dancers on NYC Subways
Oh, the things people will do to make a buck. On a dare to win a cash prize, four exceptionally limber ladies showed their pole-dancing skills in a place they knew they would be appreciated - the NYC subways (the riders' faces are priceless). Talk about ballsy! We're really hoping they win a nice chunk of change for their hard work because - take it from us - those trains aren't exactly the cleanest things in the world to grind up against. More online videos
Seinfeld Holiday Marathon
We're pretty sure that a majority of the networks out there are stressing out to the max because their arsenals of new shows is dwindling down at a rapid rate. But the smart ones, like TBS, are packaging their syndicated series quite nicely. Take tonight's four-episode block of holiday Seinfeld. And of course, what's a Seinfeld marathon without the decade-old "Festivus" episode? Watch it now! | More online videos Saturday Night Live Christmas Whether they're running low on new content because of the strike or they were just in a festive mood, the people over at NBC have decided to give us a holiday treat we really are looking forward to - an hour and a half of classic holiday sketches and guests from SNL, hosted by Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon. Though they're going as far back as the Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd days, we decided to whet your palates with a bit more up-to-date bit. All we have to say is Justin Timberlake gets "kicked in the crotons" by Santa. Watch it now! | More online videos Chris Croker Wannabe Looks like we got another Web star on our hands (and we mean "star" in the loosest sense of the word). The scary part of all this is that not only is this kid trying to ride the viral train to stardom just like Chris Croker, but he even looks like him - eye makeup and all. Meet Scotty Vanity, a really, really bored teen who can't get enough of the mall - and this self-proclaimed "clearance whore" decided to make a music video to prove it. Watch it now! | More online videos Ike Turner Dies One of rock's critical players, Ike Turner, has passed away in his home in San Marcos California at the age of 76. Though Turner was a legendary musician, the public's image of him changed as he was accused of being a drug addicted, abusive husband to wife and musical partner Tina (who currently has no comment on the death). Here's one of their most famous songs from the duo performed live, "Proud Mary." Watch it now! | More online videos For more great videos, check out our Online Video Guide now!