Survivor: Micronesia by Monty Brinton/CBS Survivor: Micronesia by Monty Brinton/CBS
Survivor could be coming to a stage near you. In a new deal, AEG Live will be bringing some of creator

Mark Burnett's productions for TV to arena stages, potentially adapting anything from The Donald's

Apprentice proclamations to island-style challenges. AEG has already brought the likes of Hannah Montana, American Idol and other shows to the stage, so the Burnett brand is a smart next move. For his part, the reality godfather said, "We have always believed that the next logical stage of development for many of our most popular television reality programs would be live-action events." I'm still trying to picture how rope-swinging challenges, firings and other types of "reality" events will go down on the stage (although the Roman gladiators come to mind) - any ideas? No specific shows have been decided on for the arena versions, says the Reporter, leaving the playing field wide open to interpretation. - Anna Dimond