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Suits' Newest Lawyer Will Go Toe-to-Toe with Mike at the Firm

And Alex isn't backing down

Megan Vick

Pearson Specter Litt is finally beefing up their ranks on Suits, but the new blood isn't going to go over so well with everyone.

Harvey (Gabriel Macht) didn't waste any time making waves in his role as managing partner, poaching his old friend Alex Williams (Dule Hill) from a rival firm and axing Jessica's (Gina Torres) oldest client. The issue is that Harvey didn't do it as smoothly as he could, and now Alex is coming in as senior partner at a firm that's not sure if they can trust him.

Harvey's word should be enough, right? Apparently not. TV Guide talked to Hill about Alex's entrance into the firm and why he's going to have to square off with Mike (Patrick J. Adams) and Louis (Rick Hoffman) to prove he belongs at PSL as the troubled firm tries to get back on its feet.

Dule Hill, Suits​

Dule Hill, Suits

USA Network, Shane Mahood/USA Network

What is Alex's relationship like with everyone at the firm now that he's officially a partner?
Dule Hill: Anytime you're bringing someone new into the equation, there's going to be a lot of positioning for territory and checking out who this person is. Is he a friend or is he a foe? I don't think everyone over at PSL was gung-ho about me coming over, but because Harvey is managing partner and we're friends and we go way back, I must fill a void that he needs filled. He brought me over. Of course, there's something going on on my side where there's a reason why I wanted to jump ship to come over to PSL. In a few weeks we're going to see what's going on between Alex Williams and what he's really bringing to the table.

What can you say about Alex's motivations to come to PSL?
Hill: I think you understand that he wasn't going to get to where he wanted to get to being at Bratton Gould. He was never going to be name partner. He was trying to use that to hopefully obtain his goal. For whatever reason or whatever things have happened over at Bratton Gould, there was a certain level he was never going to get past. His main reason for wanting to get out was to get out from under the thumb of Bratton Gould and then step into a new place and hopefully get on track to where he wants to go.

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Is he going to have any friction with anyone in particular or is it going to be a lot people that are wary of him?
Hill: I think he and Louis are not the best of friends early on. Alex and Mike will not always see eye to eye either. Whenever you have people that work closely together over a period of time and you bring in someone new, there's always going to be some sort of drama. I think Mike is not going to like the idea of Alex being around. [Alex] is not going to be his most favorite person in the world. Alex is a person who knows how to speak his own place. He's not the type of person to come hat in hand. He's going to stand his ground and say, "Hey, this is what it is." I think that's why he and Harvey get along so well. They're not pushovers. He knows he can't push Alex over and Alex knows he can't push over Harvey. At the same time, they have a similar mindset so they aren't going to be pushing over other people either, including Mike or Louis Litt.

Alex is coming into the firm at a high level at the same time that Donna is getting this promotion. How are the two of them going to get along?
Hill: I would say that they have a good experience with each other because they are both stepping into new territory. Overall, I think they would become friends and allies along the journey, not foes. Overall, they'll be fine. Alex and Donna will get along. How could you not get along with Donna? Alex is a poker player and a very good poker player. He knows how to read people. He knows where his bread is buttered and he would not want to pick a fight with Donna in terms of trying to make his way at PSL. He understands well enough that would be death before it even starts, the end of the game before the opening buzzer.

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We know that Alex and Harvey have history. Is knowing Harvey that well going to be an asset to Alex or is it going to get him into trouble?Hill: It's going to a little bit of both. That's a very gray answer but in life a lot of times, most areas are gray...I would say, look, over the next few weeks as we get to know Alex Williams, it will be a good thing how close Alex and Harvey are. That kind of friendship will be beneficial to Alex. Any time you're in business or in that corporate world, there's going to be times where being friends is really great and times where being friends really isn't. We're going to see both sides of that coin throughout the season.

Suits continues Wednesdays at 9/8c on USA.