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Everything to Know About Suits: L.A.

The legal drama made popular by Netflix is expanding to another coast

Liam Mathews
Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams, Suits

Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams, Suits

Ian Watson/USA Network

Thanks to a new life on Netflix, Suits was the most-streamed show of 2023, a feat made even more impressive by the fact that it ended in 2019. So NBCUniversal, the parent company that produced the soapy legal drama for USA Network, decided to capitalize on Suits' Netflix resurgence by expanding the Suits universe with a new series, Suits: L.A. 

Suits: L.A. hails from original series creator Aaron Korsh. It's not a revival or direct spinoff that will share characters with the New York-set original series. It has new characters and a new location but has a similar premise and tone, like how NCIS and CSI had versions set in various cities. Crucially, it will have the same rapid-fire dialogue that makes Suits so irresistible: the pilot script has "more words per page than I have said in my entire career, by a factor of five," star Stephen Amell recently said in an interview with Deadline.

NBCUniversal has moved quickly since the show was announced shortly after the writers strike ended last fall, assembling a cast and making preparations to film a pilot. If the pilot is picked up to series, it will air on NBC, not USA (Suits' original home) or Netflix (where it became mega-popular). 

Here's everything else you need to know about Suits: L.A., including who will be in it, who's behind it, and when you'll be able to watch it.

Suits: L.A. potential release date 

While a premiere date for Suits: L.A. has not been set, if the show gets picked up, it could be out soon. Filming on the pilot will start in Vancouver in April, which means the show would be ready to premiere this fall at the earliest and next spring at the latest. 

Will Suits: L.A. be on Netflix? 

Though the probability of Suits: L.A. being on Netflix isn't zero, it's pretty close to it. The series wouldn't exist without Netflix helping the franchise come back to popularity, but NBC will want to keep Suits: L.A. for itself to see if this resurgent Suits fandom is for real. However, the question of where Suits: L.A. will eventually stream is the big question. NBC could keep it in its business ecosystem and make it a Peacock exclusive, or if Suits L.A. goes for a few seasons, NBC could put past seasons on Netflix in hopes that it generates another massive new wave of interest that would benefit NBC's broadcast since Netflix's reach is much larger than Peacock's.

Stephen Amell

Stephen Amell

Jesse Grant/Getty Images for FilmRise

Suits: L.A. cast 

Suits: L.A. will follow the employees of an entertainment law firm in Hollywood called Black Lane Law. Here's the main cast: 

  • Stephen Amell (Arrow) as Ted Black, a former federal prosecutor from New York who moved to Los Angeles 15 years ago and started what has grown into a thriving practice. But his career is in crisis, and he has to do things he never dreamed of doing while secrets from his past come to light. 
  • Josh McDermitt (The Walking Dead) as Stuart Lane, Ted's partner, an attorney who's described as "energetic, powerful, focused and self-absorbed."
  • Lex Scott Davis (The First Purge) as Erica Rollins, a shrewd and savvy rising star who works for Ted. 
  • Bryan Greenberg (One Tree Hill) as Rick Dodsen, Ted's protege and Erica's rival, who's due for a promotion. 
  • Troy Winbush (The Wilds) as Kevin, an old friend of Ted's who used to be an FBI agent and now works as a private investigator.
  • Alice Lee (Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist) as Leah, an associate attorney at Black Lane under Erica's supervision.

Suits: L.A. creative team 

Suits: L.A. is created and written by Aaron Korsh, who executive-produces with David Bartis, Doug Liman, and Gene Klein; they were also EPs on the original series. Victoria Mahoney (The Old Guard 2) directs the pilot

According to Stephen Amell, the new show will have many of the same writers and producers from the original series, as well as the same costume designer, Jolie Andreatta

Suits: L.A. plot 

Suits: L.A., like the original series, will be a glossy, not-too-heavy drama about the personal and professional ups-and-downs of the attorneys working at a high-end law firm. Reading the official description and casting notices closely, it seems like the firm is an entertainment law firm that, in order to stay afloat, starts taking on criminal defense cases, which the firm's founder is not happy about.

Here's the official description: "Suits: L.A. centers on Ted Black, a former federal prosecutor from New York, who has reinvented himself representing the most powerful clients in Los Angeles. His firm is at a crisis point, and in order to survive he must embrace a role he held in contempt his entire career. Ted is surrounded by a group of characters who test their loyalties to both Ted and each other while they can't help but mix their personal and professional lives. All of this is going on while events from years ago slowly unravel that led Ted to leave behind everything and everyone he loved."

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Will the original cast of Suits appear? 

As of now, there are no plans to bring in any of the main cast members from the original SuitsGabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams, Rick Hoffman, Sarah Rafferty, Gina Torres, or Meghan Markle — for the new show. 

But Ted Black is from New York, so maybe he knew the Pearson Darby Specter crew back then and will get in touch if he needs help with a case? We'll see. 

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Where to watch Suits: L.A. and Suits 

Suits: L.A. will air on NBC, which means it will probably stream on Peacock, NBC's streaming service. The original Suits is on Netflix and Peacock.