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Now that the crew members of Destiny have encountered aliens on Stargate Universe, their mission is drastically more dangerous.

"These creatures are not that happy that we have invaded their little corner of the universe," says David Blue, who plays computer geek Eli. "Destiny is an incredibly important part of something that we haven't quite picked up on yet. So, I think it's going to piss the aliens off that they have lost control of something important. And these are not the E.T., huggable aliens; these things are pretty fricking terrifying to be around."

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For Eli, the new challenges mean getting in touch with his survival instincts. "It's not like Eli is going to grow a steel pair and all of a sudden become a soldier," Blue says with a chuckle. "But there's definitely a change in him. From the beginning he was somebody who lacked confidence; he never needed to have any. But now if he doesn't step up, he dies and the girl he's kind of fallen for dies. That's not something he can just accept anymore. If he wants to live, he has to take some responsibility."

But is everyone on the ship worth saving? The group begins to splinter in Friday's aptly titled episode, "Divided" (9/8c on Syfy). At the center of the division are Dr.  Rush (Robert Carlyle) and Col. Everett (Justin Louis), whose shared past has been rocky at best.

"You have two people that essentially, within the span of two days, both tried to kill each other," Blue says. "That's a huge turning point. These aren't just two people who don't get along anymore. These are two people who are willing to sacrifice each other. Knowing that Rush is capable of that changes everyone's opinion of Rush from here on out. He's no longer a wolf in sheep's clothing; he's a wolf that's been revealed."

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Blue promises the tension will build to an exciting conclusion that will have fans ready to kill for more. "The first few episodes were essentially that part of the roller coaster where you're crawling up the really steep incline. And now, here it is: We're going to start going," Blue says. "Fans are going to start getting that payoff. And the way it comes to a head, I think the fans are going to murder us because they have to wait for Season 2."