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Star Wars Fans Are Mad Again, This Time at Star Wars Resistance

The animated series' trailer is not up to fan standards, but what is?

MaryAnn Sleasman

The trailer for the Disney Channel's upcoming anime-influenced series Star Wars Resistance dropped on Disney's YouTube channel on Friday and the response from Star Wars fans has been...well...it's Star Wars fans. There's a large segment of the population still having a tantrum over The Force Awakens.

Despite promising us appearances from our queen, General Leia Organa, and somehow convincing Oscar Isaac to reprise his role as fighter pilot Poe Dameron for what is, ultimately, an elaborate toy commercial, a particularly vocal segment of angry nerds has zeroed in on the series' anime-lite animation style...criticism which honestly caught me off guard.

Is anime not cool anymore? Or was anime never cool and I was deluding myself all these years trying to justify that unfortunate weeaboo phase back in high school?

Have we reached peak anime-inspired-animation? Is the problem that Star Wars Resistance only leaned into the anime-influences and didn't have the guts to give itself the full Sailor Moon treatment?

The trailer for Star Wars Resistance currently has almost 3 times as many thumbs-down votes as thumbs-up votes over on Disney's YouTube channel and comments are....not nice:

​Star Wars Resistance

Then again, YouTube is not exactly known for being kind or thoughtful. Let's see what people are saying on Twitter:

The tears of Star Wars fans getting mad about the animated shows that apparently no one wants and everyone hates (and yet still keep getting made?) give me life.

The animation totally looks cheap and crappy, though. I didn't say the angry mob was wrong.

Star Wars Resistance premieres Sunday, October 7 at 10/9c on the Disney Channel.