The teaser for the upcoming Star Trek: Picard series has arrived, and we finally have our first look at Starfleet's classiest captain in the next chapter of his life.

It looks like Picard has traded those epic space adventures for a quiet life on Earth at the Chateau Picard, his family's vineyard in France. His slow walk through decrepit fields, grasping barren vines that appear to be adversely affected by the toxic clouds looming above suggest things have not been going well for both him and the environment. The preview paints a slightly melancholy picture of the former Enterprise captain, a man with something weighing on his mind. According to the video, he retired 15 years ago after heading up a major rescue mission that went astronomically wrong.

"What did that cost you? Your faith? Your faith in us? Your faith in yourself?" a mysterious voice asks in the preview. "Tell us, why did you leave Starfleet, Admiral?"

Everything We Know About Star Trek: Picard

Set around 2399, 20 years after the events of Star Trek: The Next Generation, this latest addition to the franchise will boldly go where previous iterations haven't and present a very different Picard, deeply affected by an unknown event that radically altered his life.

"Patrick was very clear to us in the beginning. He did not want to repeat what he had already done. And by the way, it's been 20-plus years, so he couldn't possibly be that same person anymore," Kurtzman told reporters during the Television Critics Association's winter press tour. "And so the question becomes: What has happened to him in that period of time? Have there been occurrences that force him to reckon with choices that he's made in his life? How do you hold on to being the person everybody loved when the circumstances around you may have changed so radically? Those are the big questions that we're asking."

We last caught up with Picard in the 2002 motion picture Star Trek: Nemesis, which saw him mourning the loss of Data (Brent Spiner), who sacrificed himself in order to save Picard and the rest of the Enterprise crew from Picard's nefarious clone, Shinzon (Tom Hardy). Kurtzman already hinted that the destruction of Romulus — as depicted in 2009's Star Trek starring Chris Pine — would play a role in the series and that certainly fits the description of the catastrophic event that sent Picard into retirement. Whether that actually is the catalyst for Picard's change of scenery, however, remains to be seen.

Star Trek: Picard is expected to debut on CBS All Access later this year.

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Sir Patrick Stewart, <em>Star Trek: Picard</em>Sir Patrick Stewart, Star Trek: Picard