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Star Trek: Discovery: Everything We Know About Season 2 So Far

Spock is headed to Discovery next season!

Keisha Hatchett

With the Klingon War officially ended and the USS Enterprise slated to finally make an appearance, Star Trek: Discovery wrapped its first season on an exciting note, making the wait for Season 2 all the more agonizing.

But until Season 2 beams to our TVs, we have important questions that need to be answered, such as whether or not Captain Pike's distress call to Discovery means we're finally going to see Spock and what really happened to Prime Lorca (Jason Isaacs) during that Mirror Universe switch. Did he die as it's believed or did he somehow make it out alive?

As we settle in for a long wait until the new season arrives, here's everything we know so far:

It won't premiere until 2019
Although Discovery debuted its first season in the fall of 2017 and wrapped up this spring, fans will be waiting quite a while for Season 2. New episodes of the CBS All Access series won't hit the streaming service until Jan. 17, 2019.

Spock is headed to Discovery
The reveal that Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) is actually Spock's adopted sister has raised a number of questions, namely when the beloved Vulcan would appear. Showrunner Alex Kurtzman confirmed at Comic-Con that yes, you're finally going to see Spock on the series but he won't be the empathetic voice of reason you remember from the original series.

"This is not entirely the Spock who has been formed enough to be the Spock that we know from TOS. There's a lot of story about who Spock was before he becomes the Spock that is the yin-yang to Kirk," he told TV Guide. "I think what I'm so excited about is that we have an opportunity to present a version of Spock that's both totally consistent with the Spock everyone knows but very very different. And it's all gonna tie to how we sync up with canon."

Plus, it looks like we'll get to see Spock's relationship with Burnham first-hand. "We're certainly gonna see Spock and we're gonna be exploring those family dynamics," explained Sonequa Martin-Green. And according to director (and Star Trek alum) Jonathan Frakes, a younger version of Spock will reportedly appear in flashbacks in Episode 2 of the new season.

Ethan Peck will play Spock
The actor, who is the grandson of Hollywood legend Gregory Peck, will step into the iconic role for Season 2. His credits include ABC Family's 10 Things I Hate About You, Gossip Girl, Madam Secretary and the CW Seed series I Ship It.

"Beyond all logic, beyond what I thought was possible, I find myself in this reality. It is with great honor and a sense of immense responsibility that I take on the iconic role that Leonard gave to us and that Zachary did brilliant justice to," Peck said about taking the part. "Thank you Adam Nimoy, Julie Nimoy, Terry Farrell and David Knight for your open arms, warm welcome, smiling curiosity, support, for making me feel worthy, as I embrace and take into my heart the half-alien we know as Mr. Spock."

Alex Kurtzman will take over as showrunner
Aaron Harberts and Gretchen Berg were fired midway through production on Season 2 amid allegations of abuse in the writers room. Kurtzman, who developed the series with Bryan Fuller (who left early in production on Season 1 over creative differences with CBS), will take the reins as showrunner for the upcoming season. He has served as executive producer since Season 1 and even directed the pilot.

Anson Mount will play Captain Christopher Pike
The Hell on Wheelsactor will take on the role of Pike, the captain of the USS Enterprise before Kirk takes the helm, in Season 2. His other credits include Marvel's Inhumans, Lost, Sex and the City, Smallvilleand the Britney Spears-fronted film, Crossroads. Catch a glimpse of Mount in action as Pike in these thrilling Season 2 photos.

And Rebecca Romijn will play Number One
Romijn, who starred as Mystique in Bryan Singer's original X-Men trilogy, will take on the role of Pike's first officer in Discovery. A fierce helmsman and one of the most experienced officers on board, she was originally played by Majel Barrett Roddenberry in the TOS pilot.

Kirk probably won't appear next season
Discovery takes place a decade before the events of Star Trek: The Original Series, leaving the door wide open for characters from the original show to appear. That obviously includes Captain James T. Kirk, the future captain of the USS Enterprise. With Season 2 finally bringing in the famed ship, it looks like we'll start to see some of those familiar faces show up, but, unfortunately, Kirk probably won't be one of them. While the Discovery crew is off exploring deep space, he's stationed close to Earth aboard the USS Republic, making a cameo from him highly unlikely next season.

Dr. Culber (Wilson Cruz) will definitely be back
He may have been killed by Tyler (Shazad Latif)but the medical officer will be back for Season 2, TV Guide has confirmed. He was last seen in the Mirror Universe episode "Vaulting Ambition" acting as a spirtual guide for Stamets (Anthony Rapp) in the spore network. Now that he's slated to return, you can fully expect the show to revisit their epic love story.

Not everyone will be happy about L'Rell's new position
In the Season 1 finale, L'Rell (Mary Chieffo) helped bring an end to the Federation's war with the Klingons and rose from obscurity to become their new leader. While most will be on board with her new mission to unite and restore honor to the race, some won't be happy about seeing a woman run things.

"We love the idea that a female Klingon ultimately takes power over all these guys," said Kurtzman. "And the truth is, there will be some men who are fine with that and there will be some men who really aren't fine with that."

Those men who aren't on board won't just be sitting in the shadows, they'll be making moves to dethrone her. But if anyone is up for the challenge, it's the woman who infiltrated Starfleet with a sleeper agent.

Burnham and Tyler are a done deal... for now
Burnham hasn't gotten over the fact that Tyler (Shazad Latif) used to be Voq -- after all, her biological family was murdered by Klingons -- but she did part ways with him on friendly terms in the Season 1 finale. Although they still harbor strong feelings for one another, both will be too preoccupied with pressing issues to try and rekindle things.

For Burnham, whose record has been expunged and who currently holds rank as Commander, a distress call from Enterprise will keep her busy aboard Discovery. Meanwhile, Tyler will be focused on figuring out who he is and where he fits in.

"He has to go on his own identity search now. Despite the fact that they can't be together now, I think that flame will always be there," said Kurtzman. Perhaps they'll revisit their romance sometime in the future but right now, they've got more important things to tend to.

L'Rell and Tyler will be allies
L'Rell and Tyler might share a complicated history but they're going to work together as allies in Season 2. Things calmed down for them romantically when L'Rell erased Voq's personality and Tyler realized he was in love with Burnham. With L'Rell stepping up as the new Klingon leader and Tyler embarking on a journey of self-discovery, it doesn't look like romance is in the cards for either of them.

"Right now, it's the politics instead of walking off into the sunset with Tyler," said Mary Chieffo. "I don't think that they're suddenly going to get back together or that there is that romance there but instead, they become allies."

Get ready for even more Tilly
Over the course of the season we've seen Tilly (Mary Wiseman) push past her insecurities to become a more assertive member of the crew, and now that she has entered the command training program, we're going to witness more of that evolution next season.

"Tilly has an amazing arc this season," Kurtzman explained. "There's gonna be a lot of Tilly finding out things about herself and parts of herself she may not have even known were there."

The spore drive will be different
The spore drive played an important part as the Federation's secret weapon in the war against the Klingons, but things will be different when we return for Season 2. "The spores will take on a new part of the show. There will be some jumping but it's gonna change this year," Kurtzman teased.

Given that the new technology was never mentioned in TOS, a change in how it's going to be used and the part it plays in the series moving forward is inevitable.

Season 1 of Star Trek: Discoveryis currently available to stream exclusively on CBS All Access.

(Full disclosure: TV Guide is owned by CBS.)

Sonequa Martin-Green, Star Trek: Discovery

Sonequa Martin-Green, Star Trek: Discovery

Jan Thijs, CBS