Spencer Pratt, Ryan Seacrest Spencer Pratt, Ryan Seacrest

Spencer Pratt is having another tantrum, and this time, Ryan Seacrest is the target of his rage.

The Hills star expressed his anger about a comment Seacrest made on his radio show in which the American Idol host said if he could tase any reality star, it would be Pratt's wife, Heidi Montag Pratt.

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"I'm disgusted and horrified that Ryan Seacrest would find it amusing and entertaining to have his listeners call in about Tasing anyone," Pratt said in a formal statement to Us Weekly. "What's next, Ryan — guns and knives? Waterboarding? It is irresponsible and offensive for someone with your platform to promote violence on this level. For someone who produces reality content, I'm shocked that you'd encourage people to tase reality stars. Would it be funny to you if one of your Kardashians got Tased? Is that how you treat your talent, Ryan?

"Finding humor in violence is disgusting," he added. "For someone who pretends to be mister clean-cut America, you really should be ashamed. Any reasonable person knows that a Taser isn't a Super Soaker and can cause immediate death. I expect an apology not to just us, but to people everywhere for using your public voice to spread violence."

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The conversation came up Wednesday when Seacrest asked his listeners which reality star they'd like to see get Tased (in the wake of Brody Jenner's recent run-in with a Taser after a bar fight). Seacrest then mentioned Montag Pratt as his top choice to see zapped.