Nick E. Tarabay Nick E. Tarabay

In Friday's Spartacus: Vengeance, the rebels split into two factions, and it's revealed just who helped Lucretia survive her nearly fatal wound.

After attacking a wagon transporting slaves, Spartacus' men Agron and Nasir interrogate one of the Roman guards and then report that Naevia is dead. Crixus, teeth a-gnashing, is appropriately bereft to  learn the fate of his lost love, but soon it's revealed that Naevia is actually alive and working in the slave mines. You see, Agron lied "for the greater good" so that their gang could advance to Vesuvius instead of chasing after a woman. Oh no! Dissent among the ranks! Agron splits off, while Spartacus and other loyal rebels go to save Naevia. Unfortunately, in the process, Crixus is captured.

Spartacus, Episode 2: Things that made us go "Ew!"

Meanwhile, in Capua, Ashur reminds Lucretia that it was he who saved her life and stitched her up. He then begins interrogating the captured Oenomaus, who refuses to reveal where the Sparty party is heading. Despite taking every opportunity to be naked or barely clothed, lonely Ilithyia can't capture her husband's attentions because Glaber has Spartacus on his mind. He even heeds Ashur's hunch that they should investigate the mines because Crixus will follow his heart there (silly, sentimental fool!). It's Ashur who captures Crixus, and you know there's good times ahead -— and by that we mean torture and maybe arena battles — for the Gaul.

Now that the plot is out of the way, let's get to those "Ew!" moments:

The Blood - The prize for most cringe-inducing scene has to be Ashur proving that he's no longer loyal to the House of Batiatus by slowly and excruciatingly filleting the "B" brand off his forearm. It just doesn't get worse than flappy flesh. Honorable mentions: When the slaver peeks through the wagon's knothole and gets his eye impaled and all the torture Oenomaus goes through at the hands of Ashur. It's gotten to the point that the run-of-the-mill bloodshed barely registers. What horrors will the future episodes bring?

The Bodies - Total scenes: 2. It was very sex-lite this episode, but we did see one semi-romantic interlude begin between Spartacus and Mira after she declares she wants to be by his side through life. Then there was the much less sentimental, public rutting against a pillar between the blonde slave girl and her chosen defender, Rhaskos.

Were you sickened by Ashur's self-mutilation? No anesthetic!