Denise Borino-Quinn Denise Borino-Quinn

Denise Borino-Quinn, best known for playing mafia wife Ginny Sacramoni on The Sopranos, has died, according to The Associated Press. She was 46.

Borino-Quinn died Wednesday after a long battle with liver cancer, according to the Farmer Funeral Home in Roseland, N.J. Her husband, Luke Quinn Jr., passed away in March.

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A Roseland native, Borino-Quinn was hired for The Sopranos after attending an open casting call with a friend in 2000. She had no previous acting experience before playing the role of Ginny Sacramoni, the wife of mobster John "Johnny Sack" Sacramoni who struggled with a weight problem.

Aside from acting, Borino-Quinn worked at a New Brunswick, N.J., law firm.