Jeremy Renner, Kenan Thompson Jeremy Renner, Kenan Thompson

Thanks to hits like The Avengers, Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol and The Bourne Legacy, 2012 saw Jeremy Renner catapult from Oscar nominee and rising star to bona fide action star. So it's only fitting that for his first time hosting Saturday Night Live, the show put his leading man skills to very good use.

In a spoof of The Avengers, Renner reprises his role as Hawkeye. But this time there's a slight problem — he's used up all of his 11 arrows already. Luckily, the Hulk finds another way for Hawkeye to help battle the aliens without having to sit this one out. Now if we could only find Thor a scrunchie!:

In the digital short, "The Stand-Off," Renner plays one part of a three-way gun stand-off involving some super-important hard drive and a lot of dough. But when no one is willing to make the first move, the stand-off lasts through picking up Renner's daughter at dance class, Thanksgiving dinner and even a surprise celebrity run-in with Adam Levine, who appeared on the show with Maroon 5 as the musical guest. Now that's dedication:

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Renner even let himself get punched when he appeared on a fictional movie set opposite an overeager co-star playing "Thug No. 2", aka Dick Fuel aka Dick Juice aka Jason Sudeikis. Too bad, Dick Fuel is the one who's supposed to take a beating in the scene, not Jeremy:

As the clean-up efforts continue from Hurricane Sandy, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie appeared on "Weekend Update" — in his signature fleece, natch — to thank a few people and not thank a few people. Christie thanked his wife for putting up with a husband who smelled like wet fleece for three weeks and did not thank the people getting in yelling matches at gas stations over the long lines even though it is a New Jersey pastime. Christie also quoted the famous New Jersey poet — or is he more of a Saint? — Bruce Springsteen:

What was your favorite sketch?