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To help pass the time until Smallville returns on April 23 with the final four episodes of the season, executive producer Kelly Souders answered questions from the CW series' superfans here at Read on to see what Souders had to share about Clark's destiny, Lois' future, Chloe's crises, a surprising pairing and much more.

Clark can fly but simply hasn't finalized it yet, in my opinion. When will we see him mastering this ability? — Tombstone25
Kelly Souders
: Clark Kent won't really become Superman until he takes to the skies.  We all have our stumbling blocks; his are just airborne.  Until he can fully embrace his double-life, he'll have a hard time getting off the ground.  But, we will say, his "leaps" are getting closer and closer to the real thing.

Are there plans to explore more of Lois' past in future episodes? Because we Lois fans are dying to learn more about her. And if she and Clark don't kiss soon, we might go just a little crazy! — Nora_1983
 Please don't go crazy.  We're all anxious for those two ships to stop passing in the night.  Lois fans will be excited to hear you'll be seeing more of Lois in the future. She's fascinating and we'll never stop digging into what makes her tick.

Will we see more of Chloe as Watchtower in the upcoming episodes?  — Tyson08
 Watchtower.... All we'll say is "stay tuned."

"Watchtower officially online" — that scene rocked!  Is there any chance of a relationship between Watchtower and Green Arrow? The idea of that seems so wrong but at the same time so right. — Lorraine
 We love anything that is so wrong and so right.  We know Chloe and Oliver's paths will keep crossing and evolving.  But Watchtower and Green Arrow?  That will give us a lot to twitter about in the writers' room!  

Why is Clark so remote from Chloe this season? Is he done being her "personal bomb squad" at a time when she needs him more than ever? — meab
 Clark has the weight of the world on his shoulders and one of his few flaws is that he doesn't always see the problems closest to him.  That relationship has been tested this season — and we must admit it hasn't seen the worst of the exams. 

Will we see Green Arrow and RBB team up anytime soon this season or next? — rip
Yes.  But the outcome may surprise you.  

I probably won't get a straight answer but I am going to take a chance: Did you think that was the best closure for Clark and Lana? Breaking them up because they had to, not because they learned as adults they were not going to work?  — marhikaty
 We wanted the young Lana we met eight years ago — the girl who always needed to be saved — to finish her arc as far from that helpless cheerleader as possible.  It's because they were adults, challenging each other to be stronger and better, that they had to part.  The Kryptonite was really a symbol for what fans knew all along — that they weren't destined for each other.

What has been your favorite episode this season and why? — heinzy512
 I'm a big fan of "Identity."  Watching Clark struggle with his two personas has been interesting and fun.  I loved seeing him backed into corners from which he wasn't sure how to escape.

Although [Smallville series cocreators] Al Gough and Miles Millar have left the building, do you keep in contact with them? — smallville836
 We absolutely do keep in contact with them.  They created the show and had the vision for it. 

Are any of the executive producers going to do commentaries on the Season 8 DVD? — Lennox
 Brian [Peterson] and Darren [Swimmer] did it last week.  Unfortunately, I had a fever of 102.  But the episodes picked were two of my favorites from this year.

The ratings have been great this year and we've even been renewed for another season. What do you think kept people tuning in? And do you hope to capitalize on whatever that was next year? — HelgaNR
 Hopefully people have been tuning in for the characters. It's been a lot of fun to watch them grow up.  They still have a few growing pains to endure, but seeing them evolve into three-dimensional people with issues and baggage like the rest of us has been exciting.  It never hurts to be reminded that even Superman has his off days.  And diving further into the DC [Comics] world has been rich with possibilities.  We plan to continue with both those aspects of the show — as well as come up with some new ones!

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