Jillian Barberie and John Zimmerman, <EM>Skating with Celebrities</EM>  Jillian Barberie and John Zimmerman, Skating with Celebrities 
Skating with Celebrities The final three fight to get into the finals. New technical requirement: a one-footed edge glide. Song choice was left up to the judges, and apparently they dug deep into VH1's greatest hits. The team that scores the highest goes directly to the finals. The other two teams participate in a skate-off. I hope it'll be as awesome as Derek and Hansel's walk-off in


Jillian and John: Song: Third Eye Blind's "Semi-Charmed Life."
Technically, these two skated as well as they do every week. Mark Lund said he was "semicharmed but not fully charmed." Boo! Sir CrankyPants started off all nice and sweet but then inexplicably (or not) made a quick U-turn back to CrankyLand, saying this team didn't have the one-armed lifts or the death spirals of the other teams, but they were mistake-free and had just delivered a choreographic gem. What? Score: 55.4.

Bruce and Tai: Song: Bryan Adams' "Summer of '69." (OK, so this is more VH1 Classic than VH1.)
These former Olympians knew they had to bring it with the power and speed. But they really didn't. Those spins were sloooowwww. They made a decent effort but acknowledged that they're headed straight for the skate-off. Wisdom rules, don'tcha think? Score: 54.4.

Kristy and Lloyd: Song: Edwin McCain's "I'll Be."
Kristy and Lloyd skated well again. The judges had nothing bad to say. When the two found out they were in the finals, a cocky yet relieved Kristy started unlacing her skates right then and there. I swear, if [NFL wide receiver] Terrell Owens were a skater, that's what he would do. Kristy so channeled T.O. there. Score: 58.

The skate-off: Song: Smashmouth's "Walkin' on the Sun."
In this skate-off, Jillian-John and Bruce-Tai only had to skate through another half of a song. This was all pretty inevitable. Jillian and John were all about the lifts. And Bruce and Tai's tricks all had to do with staying low to the ice (i.e., the death spiral). And accompanied by the most anticlimactic announcement ever, John and Jill moved on to the final two. Bettina Charles

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