Six Feet Under Six Feet Under

Think your family has it rough? Stop by the Fisher & Sons Funeral home and spend a few hours with one of TV's most dysfunctional families with a marathon of Six Feet Under.

The critically acclaimed HBO drama, which ran from 2001-2005, starred a pre-Parenthood Peter Krause and a pre-Dexter Michael C. Hall as Nate and David, brothers who run the family funeral home together after the sudden death of their dad. Although they do a lot of heavy lifting, not to mention the embalming, the Golden Globe-winning drama is also occupied by Frances Conroy as overbearing matriarch Ruth, Lauren Ambrose as rebellious youngest daughter Claire and Rachel Griffiths as Nate's on-and-off but completely crazed girlfriend Brenda.

For all of their issues and a regular dose of crisis, it's safe to safe that death becomes this truly unique clan.

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