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Behold! Our Totally Reasonable Wish List for Gallavich in Shameless Season 10

It's a wonderful time to love this couple right now

Megan Vick

Let's be honest, Shameless has jerked us around a bit when it comes to our Gallavich-loving hearts. Mickey (Noel Fisher) hasn't been around in a serious capacity since Season 5, and although we were teased by his brief reunion with Ian (Cameron Monaghan) at the end of Season 7, we thought their jailhouse reconnect in Season 9 was truly the last we'd see of the couple, at least until the show ended.

However, things have changed for the better! Both Fisher and Monaghan will return to the long-running Showtime comedy for Season 10 as series regulars. Although Monaghan told TV Guide in January that he wasn't interested in focusing on Ian's romantic life, that was months before Fisher signed his full-time contract. Now, according to a new Entertainment Weekly sneak peek at the new season, getting to explore the couple's "Shakespearean" relationship in a deeper way was one of the main reasons Monaghan agreed to return to the show after departing last fall.

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"That was something that felt worth going back to," he told the magazine, nothing that both men remain in prison for their various crimes, but it's still the most stable environment they've had in the entire series to figure out how they work as a couple.

Unfortunately, sharing a jail cell together isn't the best living situation for a couple trying to figure out their issues. There are going to be some rough times ahead, but the sneak peek has us very much in our Gallavich feelings and thinking about what we'd love to see from the couple in the upcoming episodes.

Behold, the TV Guide Shameless Season 10 Gallavich wish list.

Noel Fisher and Cameron Monaghan, Shameless​

Noel Fisher and Cameron Monaghan, Shameless

Patrick Wymore, Patrick Wymore/SHOWTIME

1. Curing the codependency

This might be an unrealistic ask considering the pair are in prison and need their partnership to survive, but the codependent nature of their relationship is what has lead to Gallavich's biggest riffs in the past. It's why they broke up at the end of Season 5, as Ian realized he needed to figure out who he was with bi-polar disorder when Mickey wasn't there to save him. Mickey and Ian can't fully love each other without being fully capable of loving themselves first.

2. Bring back the shenanigans

The most fun parts of Gallavich have always been when the two are getting up to no good, whether it's robbing a place or playing pranks on the Gallaghers. The Season 10 promo makes it look like they'll be getting into some serious hijinks in prison, which makes us feel like the fun vibe is back.

Hallelujah, Mickey Will Be Back for Shameless Season 10

3. Baby moments, please and thank you!

Remember how adorable Mickey was with Yevgeny right after he was born? Well, it's a bit strange even for Shameless to expect Mickey and Ian to be thinking about having kids of their own or adopting while still serving time, but maybe they could get some visitation with Lip's (Jeremy Allen White) new kid? Maybe they get out on furlough or good behavior and get a chance to bond with the smaller members of the Gallagher clan? Don't act like a Gallavich cuddle session, plus a little one, wouldn't make you melt into the floor.

4. More 'bottom' jokes

Hey, like Mickey, we like what we like, all right?

OK, really, we'll take anything as long as we get them together. Thank you Shameless for this wonderful gift.

Shameless returns to Showtime on Sunday, Nov. 3 at 9/8c.

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