Seth Meyers Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers said what we're all thinking about Season 2 of True Detective on Monday's episode of Late Night: The only thing worse than the insufferable characters is the ludicrous dialogue.

But the "Weekend Update" alum pointed out something we hadn't noticed before: The ridiculous lines uttered are quite similar to the ambiguous sayings you'd find in a fortune cookie. And he devised a game to prove it.

Meyers had contestants compete in a game show-style contest where they'd have to guess whether phrases like "Never do anything out of hunger, not even eating" and "Better to walk before they make you run" come from True Detective or a scrap of paper with Chinese characters on the back.

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Other challenges in the game included forcing the contestants to think about the worst thing that's ever happened to them, before downing a shot.

Check out the game below, and play along. It's harder than you think.