Let it never be said that a passionate group of fans with a bold agenda can't make waves. After the news that Sense8 had been cancelled by Netflix (and a followup statement that fan campaigns had not changed their mind), the show is now getting a 2-hour finale to wrap up the series.

Lana Wachowski released a statement on Twitter Thursday morning that thanked the relentless efforts of fans who loved the show so dearly, the story would now continue next year.

The Season 2 finale left Wolfgang (Max Riemelt) in mortal peril after being captured by Whispers (Terrence Mann), while the cluster united for the first time to stage a plan to save him. It was about as cliffhanger-y as cliffhangers get, which is possibly why fans were so outraged that the show got canceled so suddenly.

Now, at least, we'll be able to spend two more hours living in the Sense8 world, which will more likely than not wrap up the series in a satisfying way.