Scott Bakula Scott Bakula

Cue the daddy issues!

Our favorite geek (one of them at least), Chuck Bartowski, is finally getting a dad.

Quantum Leap star Scott Bakula is slated to join Chuck as our protagonist's estranged father for a three-episode arc, creator Josh Schwartz tells EW's Ausiello.

"Chuck made a promise to his sister, Ellie [Sarah Lancaster], that he was going to find their dad in time for her wedding," Schwartz says. "And it's something that Chuck becomes consumed with pursuing during the second half of the season."

After a lengthy search, Chuck finds pop down-and-out and living in a trailer. This is where it gets even better. Remember the Chevy Chase casting news? Chase will play Chuck's billionaire childhood computer hero, Ted Roark, who Papa Bartowski accuses of stealing ideas from him.

Chase's and Bakula's arcs commence in April.

Chuck returns with a 3-D episode Feb. 2.