[This story contains spoilers from the Season 7 premiere of Scandal! Read at your own risk]

If Scandal fans were hoping to have a resolution in Thursday's premiere to Olivia (Kerry Washington) and Fitz's (Tony Goldwyn) public kiss at the end of Season 6, they were sorely disappointed.

In fact, Fitz only made a cameo appearance in the first episode via a newscast about his new life in Vermont. Olivia was busy in D.C. running everything — the White House and B613. She hooked up with Jake (Scott Foley) and then dumped him and now she's going to hook up with a new hot shot political talk show host. Fitz doesn't even seem to be on the radar aside from a long glance at that newscast.

So are we supposed to believe that Fitz is fine hanging out in Vermont and making jam by himself? Of course not!

Kerry Washington, <em>Scandal</em>Kerry Washington, Scandal

"Fitz and Marcus went off to start Fitz's presidential library and this institute they're going to try and change the world with, get that kind of organized," Goldwyn told TV Guide and a small group of reporters at a press event for the final season of Scandal. "I can't give anything away, sadly. I can tell you that it won't be all fly-fishing and jam making for Fitz and Marcus. They will be sucked somehow back into the vortex of the Scandal universe."

When Fitz does return into the fold, it won't necessarily be to see the Olivia he loves. He doesn't know that she's taken over B613, that she's wielding unprecedented power and that the potential for her to be swallowed whole by the darkness is larger than ever. It's Fitz though — would any of that really change how he feels? Potentially.

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"He's doing everything he can to give Olivia her space and frankly, to give Mellie her space and not stick his nose in it," Goldwyn said. "Fitz is not aware of the dark threat on Olivia's soul. His last interaction with Olivia was her attacking him for almost slipping down that slope himself when he decided to take over B613 and said, 'I'm going to make something great of it.' He thinks she's been wearing the white hat and he honors that. If that changes, Fitz will be profoundly alarmed and concerned."

This is the final season though, so everyone is thinking long term instead of right now. We want to know if Fitz and Olivia have a chance to make it at the end.

"Has Fitz earned the right to a happy ending? Will Olivia earn the right to a happy ending? I just don't know. I don't know what interests Shonda the most," Goldwyn mused. "I would like to see it, but I would like to see it knowing that the character had earned it by facing himself in a very honest way and his failings and his own darkness."

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Of course, Fitz isn't the only one interested in being Olivia's man at the end of the day. Jake found his way back into Olivia's bed in the season premiere — and was promptly kicked back out again. Needless to say, he's still having trouble finding his way back to her heart.

"I don't think Jake ever thinks it's done. I think there is always the hope and the desire to be together," Foley explained at the same event. "He's doing his best to navigate the professional situation the best he can. It's a difficult balance. I think to say much more than that would be disingenuous because I don't know what's going to happen. He's dealing with it professionally the best he knows how without losing his job."

The question is do either of them stand a chance with Olivia?

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