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Trump Is Still Mad at Saturday Night Live, But Thinks Kanye Was "Great"

Anyone else exhausted now?

MaryAnn Sleasman

Yes, it's true. Once again, Saturday Night Live has pissed off the President of the United States and once again, the President of the United States took to Twitter to complain about it. Oh, except for the part where Kanye West wore a MAGA hat and said nice things about him while spouting off InfoWars conspiracy theories. That part was fine by Trump.

SNL kicked off its 44th season with a cold open that featured Matt Damon lampooning Brett Kavanaugh's train wreck of a performance at Thursday's Senate hearing -- but who among us has not had a meltdown during a job interview only to emerge with half the company still insisting we should totally get the job?

In a response that shocks literally no one, the President insisted he doesn't watch SNL, insisted it's not funny and said it's basically just an ad for the Democratic Party. Meanwhile, Flint, Michigan does not have clean water, hundreds of immigrant children are still separated from their families despite a deadline that passed months ago requiring them to be reunited, parts of Puerto Rico are still without electricity and the Carolinas are still recovering from Hurricane Florence. But it's really great of the President to focus on the important things, like whether or not a comedy show is nice to him.

(For what it's worth, Alec Baldwin won an Emmy for all those "unfunny" portrayals of President Spray Tan.)

Also, in a follow-up to his SNL antics, Kanye stated on an Instagram post that we should abolish the 13th know...the one that banned slavery.

Please stop this reality, I would like to get off now.

In the mean time, at least we have Chris Evans.