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Even on Saturday Night Live, Kanye's Gonna Kanye

He dressed as a Perrier bottle and was booed for a pro-Trump rant

MaryAnn Sleasman

No, you're not having an LSD flashback. Kanye West really did perform dressed like a bottle of Perrier on Saturday Night Live. During a performance of "I Love It," West and Lil Pump performed as giant bottles of Perrier and Fiji water, respectively The guise was in reference to a lyric from the song, "When the first time they ask you if you want sparklin' or still? Why you tryna act like you was drinkin' sparklin' water 'fore you came out here?"


Less cool?

For his third and final performance of the night, 'Ye donned his best MAGA hat and treated the audience to a post-performance rant about the liberal media, how hard he has it as a Trump supporter, and something about a Democratic conspiracy to take black men away from their families to keep them on welfare. West's rant elicited boos from the audience and SNL cut it for time, but it's in Internetland if you really want to subject yourself to it.