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Sarah Palin joined the "lame-stream media" Tuesday when she co-hosted the Today show and talked about everything from politics to Jessica Simpson's pregnancy weight gain.

The former vice presidential candidate first appeared as a guest in the 7 o'clock hour, during which Matt Lauer asked her about the Republican primaries and if the nominee this year should choose a running mate with more experience than Palin had in 2008.

Sarah Palin to co-host Today

"I would say it doesn't matter if that person has national-level experience or not," Palin said. "They're gonna get clobbered by the lame-stream media who does not like the conservative message."Lauer thanked Palin for her answer and said that she would be back at the 8 o'clock hour — "which technically makes you part of the lame-stream media for that hour." (Zing!)When Palin — who was booked to rival Good Morning America's weeklong guest host and former

Today anchor Katie Couric — finally made it to the co-host seat, she discussed such topics as the fledgling OWN (Oprah's "got guts"), the EnemyGraph Facebook  app that "tears down" others, Simpson's weight gain (Palin says she would've punched anyone who criticized her in the neck) and HBO's Game Change, in which she was portrayed by Julianne Moore. As she previously vowed, she said she did not watch the movie.

Check out a video comparison of Sarah Palin and Game Change's Julianne Moore

"Didn't see Game Change," Palin insisted. "No, because I don't waste my time on false narratives, on lies."Palin did reserve some kind words for one person: Tina Fey, whose impersonation of her has been "pretty clever."Watch Palin below:

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