Sarah Jessica Parker Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker has joined the growing list of actors cut from Lovelace, Entertainment Weekly reports.

Though all her scenes were filmed, Parker became a casualty of the editing process when directors Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman decided to end the film in 1980 instead of 1984, before porn star Linda Lovelace joined up with Parker's character Gloria Steinem.

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The Sex and the City

actress took the role of Steinem last minute after Demi Moore dropped out due to health issues. The filmmakers regretted telling Parker the bad news, especially due to her graciousness about jumping in last minute. "You never want to make that call," Friedman said."But she was a pro," Espstein added.

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chronicles the life of the X-rated actress who starred in Deep Throat. Lindsay Lohan was originally cast in the role, but Amanda Seyfried took over after legal issues impeded Lohan's production schedule.

Lovelace premieres at Sundance Film Festival on Tuesday.