Enough already! Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant are sick of fending off rumors of a real-life romance. Still, they clearly adored playing lovebirds in Two Weeks Notice (opening Friday). Their easy banter and offbeat chemistry is reminiscent of classic duos like Astaire and Rogers or Tracy and Hepburn. But unlike those famous twosomes, Bullock tells TV Guide Online, this pair doesn't plan to milk their chemistry by making a slew of films together.

"I've had the best with Hugh," says the actress, who also co-produced Two Weeks. "I would work with Hugh 24-7. So I feel kind of sad that, right now, I don't want to work for a long time. I have no desire to work. And I think it's because this experience has been so fulfilling on levels that I've never had before that I don't want to go on to something else and treat it poorly because the good relationship has already happened [between us]."

After building her career on quirky romantic comedies, Bullock says Two Weeks — written and directed by Forces of Nature and Miss Congeniality scribe Marc Lawrence — probably will be her last film in the genre for a long time.

"I want to do a romantic comedy when I'm, like, 50 — and it's about a woman who's, like, 400 pounds and she's been left by her husband and she has to go out and find life," Bullock laughs. "I think my romantic comedies have happened in my life when I was sort of questioning love and romance. But I feel like I've got it figured out — because you can't figure it out!"

That doesn't mean she's lining up dramas and thrillers instead. (Maybe she's still recovering from the painful Murder by Numbers like the rest of us.) What Bullock really wants is a break from acting while she continues to produce ABC's The George Lopez Show and pursue her other passion, restoring houses. "I would say [renovating] could become an addiction," she says. "I have a love for structures and architecture."