Josh Logan and Jill Gioia, <EM>Rock Star: Supernova</EM> Josh Logan and Jill Gioia, Rock Star: Supernova

Last week on CBS' Rock Star: Supernova (Tuesday at 9/Wednesday at 8 pm/ET), Tommy Lee sent the hatchet swinging not once but twice, eliminating both Jill Gioia and Josh Logan from the competition not exactly a huge shock since both had been in the bottom three before. But while the two were sent home together, they've got little else in common as caught up with the excitable Jill and the mellow Josh to find out what they thought of their Rock Star audition process.

First, Josh.... So you didn't get to go to Vegas with the people who are still on the show....
Josh Logan: That's all right. I've been to Vegas. The last time I was there I only had about $10 to my name and was eating the $2 breakfasts. During your exit speech you alluded to the fact that you realized you weren't cut out for this show. When did you realize that? After you got there? When you found out who was in the band?
Josh: I had changed a lot since I had been there and I was starting to be unhappy about it. I was trying to change my stylings to fit them. It probably showed in my performances, when I started to get back to what I was and just take pieces of their criticisms. I still was going to give it my all and give it the best I could. I could have filled those shoes and I could have written those songs and hung with the band they are great guys and I would have loved to have gone on tour with them  but I think there is something different in the cards for me. Did quitting ever cross your mind?
Josh: Never. I would never quit. What is your hope for the future? Do you want to be a soloist, or with a band?
Josh: I probably want to do something in the soul vein, like R&B, with an amazing, very diverse band. I want to be able to do anything I feel like writing and put that out there. As soon as I get home, I'm going to get working on that. Who are you rooting for to win?
Josh: Everyone is my friend there Magni, Lukas, Toby, Ryan, all those guys. The girls I didn't really get to know as well. I always hung with the guys, and I don't really have any favorites. How was living in that crazy house?
Josh: It was a lot of fun. It was one of the best experiences of my life, and I'll definitely remember it as long as I live. What is your plan for the rest of the summer?
Josh: I'm going to go home and go to the beach [in Hampton, New Hampshire]. I haven't hit the beach since I've been here. We had a pool and all, but nothing beats the beach. My fiancée is back home, so I'm going to chill with her, get my head on, take some phone calls and see where everything pulls me. I didn't know you were engaged.
Josh: Yeah. I've got a 9-year-old boy, too. Wonderful. So were you a little jealous that Magni's family got to come visit?
Josh: Yeah, but it was fair because my son is 9, and he can deal with stuff better. His son is 10 months, and that is a crucial time. Your son must think it is cool that you are on TV.
Josh: Yeah, he thinks it's a riot. Thanks, I hope to hear big things from you.
Josh: Right on.

Next, Jill.... How are you feeling after being eliminated?
Jill Gioia: I feel great. I had a blast on the show and I got to sing and perform. The elimination songs were some of my favorite songs. I'm going to miss my friends, though. Everyone that has worked on the show became my family away from home. But I'm looking forward to going straight into the studio. I did a ton of writing at the mansion, which was my main stress relief, it's what I love to do the most. It was great to be so inspired by the surroundings, the competition, and the people around me and their talents. This is a new beginning and I can't thank everybody enough for giving me this opportunity. If you think about it, being in the top 10 out of 25,000 people.... And [the members of Supernova] are my heroes  I grew up listening to their music  so for them to say I have a powerful voice and to consider me for their band and give me all of this exposure is such a gift. Well, you definitely gained exposure. Now all the millions of people who watch the show know your name.
Jill: It is really wild because we know we have so many viewers, but now we've got to adjust back to our lives. I can't wait to see my family, including my husband, who is still in Japan and on tour right now. I'm so happy with everything. The experience flew by. I'm going to look back on it with wonderful memories. When you tried out for the show, did you know who the band was going to be?
Jill: I had sent my submission in really early, and then I heard who the band was going to be and it was just great. The [Supernova guys] were in bands whose concerts I went to in high school. I was trying to find a picture to show them, from high school, of me at a Metallica concert. It is hysterical because it looks like I stuck my finger in a light socket my hair was huge and all teased up, I had ripped jeans, and my butt was hanging out. I have great memories of that [time], so to be in front of these guys singing was an honor and a privilege. Even though I'm not meant for the band, it was the opportunity of a lifetime and I got to sing my heart and soul out to the whole world. What more could a girl want? You are very sexy, but you got a little bit of flak for being too sexy.
Jill: I guess they meant in [my performances], but I don't know. I guess you could look at it a few different ways. It is a different dynamic when you have a woman on stage then when you have all guys up there. When I am up there, I feel like I'm one of the guys and there are no boundaries. On stage is the place where I can be free and anything goes. There is so much that will come out on stage. I'm kind of reserved in normal, everyday life. It is a relief for me to get up on stage and be crazy. It is just all part of being a woman and being comfortable in your skin. Some things work and some things don't, and you learn from that. It seems like a tough balance because Tommy seems flirty, and then when you performed with Gilby he didn't seem to like the grinding and stuff.
Jill: Everybody performs differently and I totally respect that. In my band back at home, we're kind of crazy on stage. It depends on what you are singing and how you are singing the song. "Brown Sugar" is a very sexy song. Every Rolling Stones song is about sex. But all in all, I had the most amazing time up there with Gilby. Every time I go out there I give 200 percent, and I am not thinking male/female or anything like that. The passion is just flowing out of me and I'm never meaning anything disrespectful. It is all rock and roll.

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