After the conclusion of an investigation into allegations against her iZombie co-star Robert Knepper, Rose McIver is praising the courage of sexual assault victims worldwide.

Knepper was accused in November of sexual assault by costume designer Susan Bertram, who claimed that the actor forcibly grabbed her genitals on the set of the movie Gas, Food, Lodging. After Knepper denied the allegations, four more women came forward with similar stories, prompting an investigation by Warner Bros. TV, which produces iZombie, on which the actor has starred since 2015.

That investigation has since concluded, with Warner Bros. TV announcing Wednesday that Knepper will remain on iZombie after their inquiry found "no evidence of wrongdoing on the set of the show." In a statement obtained by Deadline, the network said, "We have taken and will continue to take appropriate measures to ensure the safety and well-being of all involved, which is our top priority." No comment was nade about the five previously mentioned allegations against Knepper, all of which occurred before he joined the CW drama.

Shortly thereafter, iZombie star Rose McIver tweeted out a link to Deadline's story about the CW's decision — but rather than making any direct mention of her co-star, McIver re-upped her support for the movement that has seen more and more victims sharing their stories of assault and harassment.

UPDATE: Fellow iZombie star Rahul Kuhli also released a statement on Instagram saying that he is aware of the allegations, but doesn't feel comfortable weighing in on them in a public forum at this time.

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Knepper has not commented on the allegations since his initial post on Instagram on November 8.

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