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Riverdale: The Top 5 Latest Revelations

There's a lot to unpack here

Megan Vick

The secrets on Riverdale have gone from trickling out to become a full gush and Thursday's episode, "Faster Pussycats! Kill! Kill!" just threw a lot at the audiences at home that we need to unpack.

Betty (Lili Reinhart) and Jughead (Cole Sprouse) continued their investigation into Jason's murder with a trip to see Betty's sister Polly (Tiera Skovbye). Fred (Luke Perry) and Hermione (Marisol Nichols) grew closer as lines between their work and personal relationships continue to blur. Archie (KJ Apa) moved forward with his music career by entering the Riverdale variety show and performing solo for the first time.

All of that action for everyone means that new information was bound to come out, and Riverdale officially pressed its foot to the gas pedal in the Jason murder mystery with this intense episode. Here are the top 5 things that we discovered over the hour, and what they mean for the future.

Camila Mendes, Riverdale​

Camila Mendes, Riverdale

Diyah Pera, Diyah Pera/THE CW

1. Polly is pregnant and on the loose -- Betty and Jughead were able to successfully locate Polly, stored away by the Coopers at a home for wayward youth. However, Polly's whereabouts weren't her only secret. Polly is several months pregnant with Jason Blossom's baby and until Betty spilled the beans, she had no idea that her baby daddy was dead. Polly explained that she and Jason had planned to run away together to raise the baby away from their families that wanted them apart, but on the morning of the Fourth of July, her parents had her sent away and she never saw Jason again. After hearing that Jason was dead, Polly escaped from the home and no one knows where she is.

What this means: We know why Jason started acting strange around the Fourth of July and selling a bunch of his things. A potential Blossom and Cooper baby also adds power to the Coopers' motive for killing Jason. Betty's parents denied having anything to do with the murder, but they are still very high on the suspect list at this point in time. The big question now is, who else would have a serious problem with Jason Blossom and Polly Cooper running away together to raise a family?

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2. The evidence of Jason and Polly's plan is gone now -- Someone is watching Betty and Jughead, and that can't be good. Polly mentioned an abandoned car off of Route 70 during her explanation of the plan to run away with Jason to Betty. Betty and Jughead went to go check it out to see if Polly was telling the truth, only to find the car not only held Jason's letterman jacket, but a trunk full of drugs that corroborated everything they had heard so far. Before our two junior detectives could return with the police, someone had set the car and all of the evidence inside ablaze.

What this means: Just like that, the biggest piece of the Jason Blossom murder puzzle is gone. This means that Betty and Jughead are obviously much closer to finding Jason's killer than the actual Riverdale police. Why else would someone have been following them out to the car? The existence of the car confirms Polly's story though, and the next logical step is to figure out where Jason was getting the drugs he was selling. Disgruntled drug dealers would be our first guess for a murder suspect, honestly.

3. Josie does not have a picture perfect home life -- Hooray for supporting character backstory! This episode dug pretty deep into Josie's (Ashleigh Murray) home life and why she's so driven to succeed with the Pussycats. After a disagreement with Valerie (Hayley Law) that caused the latter Pussycat to (temporarily) leave the group, we found out that Josie is on an impossible quest to impress her professional jazz musician father. His condescending attitude about pop music and the right way to succeed definitely created a difficult home environment to grow up in.

What this means: We can cut Josie some slack when she's tearing Archie a new one for distracting her girls from their purpose. She not only has the pressure of trying to make it in an uber-competitive industry, but she's trying to please a man who never seems to see the creative greatness his daughter is coming up with.

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4. Fred Andrews and Hermione Lodge are a thing (and Veronica hates it) -- New couple alert! Fred and Hermione have quickly progressed from old high school sweethearts to the hot new Riverdale couple. That's working out great for Fred, since it unknowingly won him the bid to construct the new development going up where the drive-in used to be. It's not awesome for Veronica (Camila Mendez), who has been coping with her father being imprisoned by imagining the day when he's free and can reunite with her mother.

What this means: The union of Fred and Hermione this episode already caused a rift between Veronica and Archie as Veronica struggled to deal with her feelings on the matter. Now that it's clear Hermione isn't willing to put what she and Fred have on ice, even if she is definitely still married to Veronica's father. It seems like the rift will be in the Lodge family and Veronica may feel even more alone if she thinks that her own mother doesn't have her back. We can only imagine what it will mean for Fred and Archie when Mr. Lodge finds out that his wife is seeing someone else.

5. Archie and Betty are both moving on -- It feels like forever ago that Betty was standing outside of her house declaring her love for Archie, but it was only a few weeks in Riverdale time. Either way, it seems that the life-long best friends are both moving on in the romance department. Betty locked lips with Jughead (yes, Jughead) before they set off to find the abandoned car in Polly's story. Archie also played a little tonsil hockey with Val after the variety show.

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What does this mean: The iconic Archie love triangle is now more of a pentagon, which is super fun. While Betty and Jughead was unexpected, we have to approve of Archie really making serious strides to put the whole Ms. Grundy (Sarah Habel) situation behind him. He and Val definitely have a great chemistry when they're writing songs together. Betty also deserves someone that understands how great she is, and Jughead definitely seems to be part of her fan club. The only issue here is, what does that mean for poor Veronica?

What was your favorite reveal of the episode?

Riverdale continues Thursdays at 9/8c on the CW.

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