Remember when Riverdale was just a chill show about just one teensy weensy murder, and one of our biggest questions what about whether Nana Rose's psychic powers extended beyond non-invasive obstetrical care?

Well, River Vixens, those days are over. Now that Archie Andrews (KJ Apa) has moved on from Season One's ever-important "music or football" dilemma and onto Season Two's greener "football or revenge murder" pastures, we have a whole new serial killer to worry about. On last week's episode, "The Town That Dreaded Sundown," the Black Hood sends another code, we get a good old-fashioned rumble worthy of The Outsiders, and Veronica (Camila Mendes) fires a gun in the most dramatic way possible (straight into the air, in the rain, while wearing a cape, if you were wondering).

On top of all of this, it would appear that we not only have a serial killer, but a serial list of serial killers: What if the Black Hood isn't a dude in a dumb hood, but several dudes in a variety of dumb hoods? Also, what if one of those dudes is Riverdale High's favorite teen gun nut, Dilton Doiley?

It's not like it would be that hard to duplicate the outfit: Hooded sweatshirt turned backwards with a few holes cut out for eyes? A ski mask thingy? Easy. Get thee to Bal-Dart (where they sell Vanity Flair, with ads for Barnaby's throughout) and grab yourself a Champion basic knit.

The Black Hood didn't provide proof that he was involved in the attack on Midge and Moose.

When the Black Hood sent his first Zodiac stan letter and cypher to Alice Cooper at the newspaper, he enclosed proof that he'd been at the scene of the crime for both Fred's shooting, by sending his wallet, and Miss Grundy's improbably cello bow murder (riddle me this, how would a cello bow draw blood? Just saying) by sending along her favorite heart-shaped underage boy-watching sunglasses. However, he wasn't able to snatch anything from the sloppily executed near-execution of Moose and Midge (how do you even miss from that close of range, anyway?). Could it be because there's a copycat Black Hood, or an accomplice who can communicate enough to make sure the outfit is consistent, but not enough to get the memo about keeping a souvenir?

Remember, Archie is traumatized, and no one else has corroborated his description of the Black Hood.

Archiekins vaguely considered visiting Riverdale High's school counselor, then was like, nah, I'd rather buy an illegal firearm instead. It's entirely possible that he's an unreliable narrator, and the image that we see when the Black Hood is shown is only his inaccurate memory of the shooter, so we can stop ruling suspects out based on the condition of their undereye bags. (But seriously, moisturizer is an essential part of any good skincare routine.) And remember that when Archie pressed Midge to confirm that the Black Hood had green eyes, she said that he had "the devil's eyes." Which, you know, not necessarily as green as a fresh pickled toad.

Dilton Doiley, the most sus boy scout of all boy scouts.Dilton Doiley, the most sus boy scout of all boy scouts.

Another thing that Archie doesn't really seem to grasp: Dilton is shady as heck.

Our boy Dilton Doiley (Major Curda) only pops up in the shadiest of circumstances. Last season, he raised our suspicions when it was revealed that he was part of a crew of Adventure Scouts shooting in the woods — because, sure, survivalism? — the morning that Jason Blossom was killed, but he was ultimately not involved in the crime (that we know of). He seemed super into selling Archie that gun a few episodes ago, and even more into reminding him of the "certain item" that he owned this episode. Also, consider that when Reggie (Charles Melton) and the football team momentarily abandoned the Red Circle this episode, leaving Dilton and Archie alone in a room together, Dilton mentioned that it was just what Archie had wanted: him and the Black Hood, man to man. Sure, he could be speaking figuratively, but maybe he wasn't, and was literally saying, "Hey, here you are in a room with the Black Hood!"

After all, he's the odd man out in the Red Circle crew. Not even Jughead (Cole Sprouse) who is a legit semi-gang member, is part of the group. (Maybe he was like, "love you, bro, but when the cameras come out, this shirt stays on" offscreen. More than Archie can take, understandably.) The whole group appears to be football players, apart from Dilton. Could it be that he's so super invested because he's looking for intel on what the Red Circle has planned for he and his fellow Black Hoods? And he can also plant the seed of doubt for the Southside Serpents from within the Circle, thus distracting from the true culprits.

As for motive, we haven't heard a lot about Dilton's backstory, apart from his passion for birdwatching and trading information for protection (remember last season, when he got Betty and Archie to hold off on ratting him out for firing the gun near Sweetwater River by revealing that Miss Grundy's car had also been at the scene of the crime that day, thus keeping things quiet for himself and the Adventure Scouts), so it's entirely possible that he has some kind of biblical rage that leads him and his colleagues to target so-called sinners.

Let's search his locker next week and see what happens, shall we?

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