Niecy Nash, <EM>Reno 911!: Miami</EM> Niecy Nash, Reno 911!: Miami
Reno 911!: Miami, the just-released feature film spun off of Comedy Central's unscripted Reno 911!, offers fans "no bleeping, no pixillating and an officer in candy underpants," says

Niecy Nash, who plays Officer Raineesha.

Seeing herself on the big screen wasn't as difficult as many an actress has lamented. In fact, Nash says, "I love that you get to see Raineesha's booty! I fell in love with my own self. I was saying, "Your booty's gorgeous!'"

Nash says that for all appearances promoting the film, not only did the actors conduct interviews in character, but she wore Raineesha's signature prosthetic booty. "I've had men be disappointed that I'm not Raineesha and that I don't have that body."

Like the television series, the film was improvised. Nash says she was the only cast member without experience in unscripted comedy, but jumped into it full swing. "The fact that it's unscripted, it's wonderful," she explains. "Even if [audiences] don't know it, they're drawn to the vernacular, it's the whole, 'I can't believe you said that!' which is a testament to the people who created their own characters, and who can move around in that world with complete freedom. Basically, we say a lot stuff people are thinking, but don't say aloud."

Nash says that even though she didn't have an improv background, "I've been arguing with my husband for years and that helped me with the character."

The proverbial "ruining a take" by laughing is common amongst funny folk, but Nash says proudly, "I'm the most unflappable. I won't ruin a take. The others, they laugh." What's her secret? "I hold my breath, I bite the inside of my cheek. I have all kinds of different tactics."

New episodes of Reno 911! begin Apr. 1, and her Style Net show, Clean House, just began new episodes. On Reno 911!, the big news "is we get corporate sponsorship!" And despite the long hiatus, "That's the thing with Reno. We don't evolve, we don't grow. You can pick up right where you left off, without missing a beat!"

Nash, the long-time host of Clean House, says that if she's learned anything about housekeeping, it's that people develop clutter for varied reasons and it's usually tied to an emotional element, whether its sentiment or compulsion. Then, snidely, Nash says, "Even though they know we're coming, they still leave that little joy on the nightstand by the bed!"

As for her house, which she shares with her husband, Don Nash, the Los Angeles native and mother of three declares, "I keep a clean house out of fear, not because I was born tidy. I don't want my friends showing up at my house and seeing my mess!

Last fall, Nash knew that she had really made it when she found out that someone was going to be her Reno 911! Raineesha for Halloween. "I'm a character now, I didn't see that coming. That was very flattering."